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Artist:Circus Of The West   Added:Apr 2020

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Album Review
Francis D
Reviewed 2020-07-18
“Ring” Circus Of The West
Fun, theatrical pop infused with guitar-driven rock energy. Songs are “about loss, hope, identity and connection,” according to their Bandcamp page. Lead singer and keyboardist, Edwin Caldie, packs a lot of punch and drama into his vocals — with an expressive voice you’d swear you’ve heard before. Great five-piece band from Minneapolis, including Joel Leviton (guitar), Benjamin Court (guitar), Jason Kapel (bass), and David Hoffman (drums). RIYL: Bare Naked Ladies, Lumineers, guitar-driven 90s pop-rock.
— Francis D.

Recommended: 4, 1, 5, 3 — but they’re all good.

1. (3:26) Giant Slayer — Uplifting pop rock anthem. The drama showcases Caldie’s vocals very well. Synth swirls used in the transitions — builds to a big wall of sound. ****
2. (3:46) Until It’s Not — Tuneful melody with a deliberate tempo. Strummed guitar with cracking drums and some orchestrated sections. Occasional tinkling piano. Wistful lyrics and vocals. ***
3. (5:34) Alex And The Knot — Pristine piano ballad that’s spare at the start, but builds into big anthemic choruses with roaring guitars, soaring vocals and some playful synths. Ripping guitar solos as well. ***
4. (3:59) Love Always — Beautiful, mid-tempo pop song. Vocals over picked and strummed guitar and chimey piano. Builds throughout, and has just a hint of folk-rock — especially at the end. ****
5. (4:32) Saint Teresa — Up-tempo pop-rock with traditional rock instrumentation, plus really nice horns. Full arrangement with chugging guitars and snapping drums. ***
6. (5:28) Forever With You — Throwback 70s, swaying guitar-centric pop-rock with a dash of folk-rock. Emotive vocals…I think with more band members sharing the lead vocals. Handclaps. Intricate rhythms. Nice lead guitar solos. ***
7. (5:45) Little Bit Of Sun — Gently rolling walk — uplifting pop rock with Americana leanings and a catchy chorus. Shifts into a drum-driven, soulful revival thing at the end. ***

Track Listing
1. Giant Slayer   4. Love Always
2. Until It's Not   5. Saint Teresa
3. Alex And The Knot   6. Forever With You
  7. Little Bit Of Sun