Corner Laughers, The / Temescal Telegraph
Album: Temescal Telegraph   Collection:General
Artist:Corner Laughers, The   Added:Apr 2020
Label:Big Stir Records  

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Album Review
Francis D
Reviewed 2020-07-18
“Temescal Telegraph” The Corner Laughers
Intelligent, uplifting indie pop. This is the fifth album from the local band (with Stanford and Palo Alto connections). Label Big Stir describes their music as a combination of English folk-psych (Kinks) and California sunshine pop — with a dash of alt-country twang at times. Lead singer-songwriter, Karla Kane (ukulele) is joined by husband, Khoi Huynh (piano, bass, guitars, backing vocals), KC Bowman (lead guitar, bass, keys, backing vocals), and Charlie Crabtree (drums). Kane’s lyrics are full of wit and whimsy, with captivating melodies and an optimism that flows from even her most down-to-earth examinations of the real-world problems we sometimes face.
— Francis

Highly recommended: 3, 8, 4, 9, 1, 2, 10, 7. No FCCs.

1. (2:52) The Calculating Boy — Carefree, fun opener. Dance-y with a stop-and-go, tango-like rhythm. Castanets! ***
2. (2:35) Changeling — Honky-tonk vibe with some great piano, organ and a lead break reminiscent of 60s rock ‘n’ roll. ***
3. (3:17) The Accepted Time — Lead single. A tune for our times. Melodic, with a dose of melancholy. Ukulele, organ. Sentimental, wise vocals. Guitar solo in the lead break. ****

4. (2:43) The Lilac Line — Light and playful. Prominent ukulele. Lilting lead vocals. Cover of a tune from Kane’s solo album. Great bass line. Rhythm and guitar riffs nicely fill out the track. ****
5. (3:59) Loma Alta — Dreamy, swaying and tuneful — with multiple overlaid vocals, almost like rounds. Lively, somewhat jazzy piano. Kane and Huynh’s young daughter makes her debut with a contribution on keyboards.
6. (2:44) Sisters Of The Pollen — Propulsive pop rock. A song dedicated to environmental causes, such as the need to keep our bee population healthy.
7. (3:32) Wren In The Rain — Wistful and uplifting. Simple pop melody — very 1970s — with strummed ukulele, jangly electric guitar and nice clang-y cymbal. **
8. (4:10) Goodguy Sun — Easygoing pop stroll featuring Kane’s ukulele, drum triplets and lilting piano melody. Cover of another release from Kane’s debut solo album. Written by English songwriter, poet and author, Martin Newell (Cleaners from Venus). ****
9. (4:09) Skylarks Of Britain — Lovely acoustic guitar and piano tune. Feels like a throwback to a proper classical minuet — with chimey guitar, piano and orchestra. Builds to electric guitar and drum solos. ****
10. (3:56) Lord Richard — Bright piano folk-rock ballad. Deliberate tempo. Harmonized vocals, with big harmonies in the chorus. Almost church-like. Throaty guitar solo in lead break. ***

Track Listing
1. The Calculating Boy   6. Sisters Of The Pollen
2. Changeling   7. Wren In The Rain
3. The Accepted Time   8. Goodguy Sun
4. The Lilac Line   9. Skylarks Of Britain
5. Loma Alta   10. Lord Richard