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Album Review
Reviewed 2020-02-06
Band based out of Athens, Georgia since 1996 and is considered part of the Elephant 6 recording studio’s legacy. This is their 16th studio album!. FCC: 3.
Recommended: 1, 8

1. *** Really catchy beat. Lyrics celebrate and pity the people outside the norm. Vocal acrobatics are present; vocals hit a lot of different pitches pretty quickly.

2. Sounds like a faster and higher-pitched version of “Hello” by Martin Solveig and Dragonette. Lego Movie vibes proliferate through this song.Polyamorism explored.

3. FCC: Fuck. Atheism as a way to judge/test a deity. Kind of a rollercoaster of a song wow. Goes from full-on band to guitar+vocals. It takes a little bit to get warmed up to this song, but it takes you on a trip if you stick around. Kind of gives me an adult The Lego Movie vibes with some sickly sweet guitar lines.

4. Softer, space vibe intro than previous song. Once past the intro, the song sounds a bit like ABBA met Two Door Cinema Club. Poppy sound compared to darker lyrics. Bridge kind of sounds like an off-hinged rant but gives the song an interesting aspect to listen for.

5. Solid synth in the background. Song about pure love and how it’s a two-way channel for both pleasure and pain. Winds down slowly so keep an ear out.

6. A bit of french and italian featured in this song. Fun fact: Carmilla is the name of a female vampire protagonist of an 1872 Irish novella that preyed on young women. This song mentions using ecstacy as therapy. Song itself sounds kind of introspective and ends abruptly.
7. Best line: “I don’t even want to haunt this place.” Upbeat rock rhythm, followed by a bit of a gothic sound. Basically is the same line repeated over and over again, but isn’t really monotonous.
8. *** Gorillaz vibes right off the bat. Kind of creepy vibes here but they, at the same time, sound happy? Wild. Ends abruptly.

9. Steady plodding rhythm, kinda like a dejected but cool cowboy. Talking about self-harm and the singer’s actions and reactions to it. Vocals work really well to compliment the instrumentals. Stops seconds before its’ official end time so watch out.

10. Singing from the perspective of dissociative disorder. Harder, darker version of surf rock I think.

Track Listing
1. Peace to All Freaks   6. Carmillas of Love
2. Polyaneurism   7. Don't Let Me Die in America
3. Get God's Attention by Being an Athiest   8. St. Sebastian
4. Gypsy That Remains   9. Deliberate Self-Harm Ha Ha
5. You've Had Me Everywhere   10. 20th Century Schizofriendic Revengoid-Man