Moondog / On The Streets Of New York
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Artist:Moondog Added:Jan 2020
Label:Mississippi Records 

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Eme O
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Moondog - On the Streets of New York (Mississippi Records)

Drums and chants, unconventional Euro-classical. Reminiscent of ethnographic recordings, could fit into a world set. Street artist Louis Thomas Hardin, aka “the Viking of 6th Avenue”, aka Moondog’s earliest compositions, many previously unreleased. Recorded in various locations (street, studio, rooftop) between 1954 and 1962 by sound archivist Tony Schwartz. Moondog invented some of his instruments, some of which may be present on this album (not sure). The Nocturne Suite features members of the Royal Philharmonic. No FCCs.
Faves: 3, 4, 12, 17, 20 ~eme o

1. Why Spend The Dark Night With You? (1:16) - Mellow. Drums, clarinet, flute, middle eastern meets European classical vibe.

2. Moondog Nocturne Suite Part 1 (2:21) - Midtempo. Bongos(?) and strings. Bohemian classical.

3. *Moondog Nocturne Suite Part 2 (2:59) - Mid-slow. Maracas, wood percussion, lovely melody led by violin.

4. *Moondog Nocturne Suite Part 3 (3:35) - Midtempo. Active. Led by percussion, wooden chimes then strings enter. Cello solo to end.

5. Avenue Of The Americas (51st Street) (1:32) - Mid-slow. Mellow percussion to start, then metal chimes. Field recording with traffic sounds, ambient noise.

6. 2 West 46th Street (1:33) - Midtempo. Field recording. Drums start, wooden(?) flute takes the lead, shaken bells (or the trimba perhaps?) under all.

7. Lullaby (2 West 46th Street) (1:21) - Mid-slow. Field recording with street noise. Almost a tribal rhythm, chanting and humming m/f vocal. Drums, stringed instrument, flute.

8. Fog On The Hudson (1:19) - Mid-fast. Train sound to start, then polyrhythmic percussion, stringed instrument that provides an east asian feel.

9. Utsu (1:11) - Midtempo. Rollicking rhythm. Gamelan sound.

10. On And Off The Beat (1:29) - Midtempo. Polyrhythm with wood and metal percussion, wind sound.

11. Chant (1:09) - Midtempo. Something similar to a berimbau starts (hus perhaps?), xylophone-like percussion sounds, male voice chanting.

12. *From One To Nine (3:02) - Starts very similar to previous track, could be a continuation. Silence ~1:00, then switches to percussion with backing chimes. Ends with a gong.

13. Untitled Chant #1 (0:43) - Percussion and chant (either wordless or in a language I don’t know).

14. Untitled Chant #2 (1:00) - Fast-ish. Percussion and trilling chant, polyrhythm.

15. Untitled Chant #3 (1:20) - Slow-ish. Similar to previous.

16. Untitled percussion solo #1 (0:50) -Fast. Rollicking rhythm.

17. *Untitled percussion solo #2 (1:28) - Midtempo. Steady rhythm.

18. Untitled percussion solo #3 (0:52) - Mid-slow. Afrocentric sound.

19. Untitled Chant #4 (1:08) - Slow-ish. Percussion and chant.

20. *Untitled percussion solo in traffic #1 (1:49) - Fast-ish. Field recording, traffic sounds. Polyrhythm featuring metal percussion and harp sounds (oo or oo-ya-tsu, perhaps). Sounds almost produced.

21. Untitled percussion solo in traffic #2 (0:27) - Midempo. Percussion like clocktower bell sounds.

Track Listing
1.Why Spend The Dark Night With You? 11.Chant
2.Moondog Nocturne Suite Part 1 12.From One To Nine
3.Moondog Nocturne Suite Part 2 13.Untitled Chant #1
4.Moondog Nocturne Suite Part 3 14.Untitled Chant #2
5.Avenue Of The Americas (51st Street) 15.Untitled Chant #3
6.2 West 46th Street 16.Untitled Percussion Solo #1
7.Lullaby (2 West 46th Street) 17.Untitled Percussion Solo #2
8.Fog On The Hudson 18.Untitled Percussion Solo #3
9.Utsu 19.Untitled Chant #4
10.On And Off The Beat 20.Untitled Percussion Solo in Traffic #1
 21.Untitled Percussion Solo in Traffic #2