Lord Mantis / Universal Death Church
Album: Universal Death Church   Collection:General
Artist:Lord Mantis   Added:Jan 2020
Label:Profound Lore  

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1. Mar 11, 2020: Brownian Motion
Low Entropy Narcosis
4. Jan 29, 2020: Brownian Motion
2. Mar 04, 2020: Brownian Motion
Qliphotic Alpha
5. Jan 25, 2020: On The Warpath
3. Feb 12, 2020: Brownian Motion
6. Jan 21, 2020: Get Punk'd
God's Animal

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2020-01-13
Some of the heaviest death dark terror Metal you’ll ever hear. Like if all the evilest Orcs in the bowels of Mordor formed a band. Acidic acerbic searing vocals. Many nonstandard time signatures but doesn’t come across as “prog” or techie metal. This is the kind of band where every word uttered sounds unfriendly, not just to the FCC but in general (only one decipherable FCC detected). Fans of Khanate will love the vocals. But overall the music is of a slicker variety, not so much grind or crust infused entirely, but elements of all are there, including doom. That said no wanky bullshit’isms to be found. Just the straight dope. From Chicago (where apparently they eat Scandinavian metal bands for a light snack from the sounds of it). Songs are perfect length, play any (track 2 has FCC at very very end).

1) (2:35) pummeling technical death metal slathering with evil vocals and layered guitars 2)*FCC I believe at very end with 6 seconds left sadly (5:48) off time gallop, midway it goes tribal,epic 3) (7:09) big heavy mean, off time, pensive walls of evil heaviness, false ending midway and major shift to a more standard doomy rock,at about 5 minutes he lets out a scream probably not heard anywhere else than in a morbid field of battle 4) (3:37) dark pensive riff, heavy pounding with textured chorus, slick stuff, vocals are almost accessible, which by the standard set isn’t gonna make your neighbors like you any better 5) (3:25) acoustic guitar, no overdrive on vocals, much different than others, not a typical “now we take journey with the mystical elves and Vikings through the forest” type Current 93 theme, but more just a strange droney acoustic sickness 6) (4:53) good lord, so searing, heavy rockin with deep pounding breaks and almost atmospheric soaring guitar embellishments 7)*** (8:11) black metal machine gun pummeling to start, pure onslaught of intense bleak evil, slows and gets ultimately intense, unbelievable stuff 8) (8:45) bizarre use of sax in this makes this unique but no less heavy, death metal vocs give the satanic blowtorch a break, overall doom tone, whao with a bozo the clown sample in end, creeeeeeeepy, wow!

Track Listing
1. Santa Muerte   5. Low Entropy Narcosis
2. God's Animal   6. Damocles Falls
3. Qliphotic Alpha   7. Fleshworld
4. Consciousness.Exe   8. Hole