Gisli / Skeleton Crew, The
Album: Skeleton Crew, The   Collection:General
Artist: Gisli   Added:Oct 2019
Label: Apollolan  

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1. Oct 30, 2019: Brownian Motion
Broken Arm
2. Oct 21, 2019: Everything
Out Of Control

Album Review
Reviewed 2019-10-12
Gisli, a solo artist from Iceland, released this album March 24, 2019 after an unreleased (?) second one. Apparently the man served as drummer for the Norwegian band Pornshot :) and his name means “hostage”. These facts should kind of give you the idea that Gisli has a major case of funky perspective and interesting reflections on himself and his life.Note: he really likes euphemisms. This album definitely reflects what I think he is an artist. FCC: 3,7

1. (quick note, this track was on the top 10 of an Australian radio station-Radio Indie Alliance June 10 2019). Beat is pretty major key (sounds happy) and the lyrics portray the singer to be a worse version than a person to whom he is singing this song. Could potentially serve as the intro song for a movie featuring a high schooler

2.Starts with an accidental drum sound. Slower than previous song. Lyrics equating a broken heart to a broken arm and not knowing how to deal with either really. Guitar sometimes sounds like Jack Johnson’s “Upside Down” (very soft and acoustic). Vocals very clear and kind of resembles that of Band of Horses’ lead singer. Ends with electric guitar and violin-sounding instrument (rather suddenly, no fading).

3. Heavily acoustic guitar song. Reference to drugs and distortion. Song dedicated to Romeo of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Calls Romeo out on his bullcrap and very hasty nature. Ends with ocean wave sounds. FCC: Fuck

4. ***Scratchy electric guitar soon joined/replaced by acoustic. On the brink of a “new” relationship kind of lyrics. References to sex (but not overt/explicit). Very catchy, upbeat tune.Ends with synth, guitar slide, and tambourines.

5. Soft, slow acoustic song, which gains momentum 30 seconds in. Overall vibe of lyrics is like the “W is for win” idea when a student withdraws from a class and that is reflected on their transcript. Small bits of electric here and there.

6. ***Starts with the sound of studio setup, then goes into the catchy backbeat. Lyrics are a lot about disbelief in destiny. Ends suddenly, so watch out!

7. Starts out sounding like a cover for some random song. Lyrics equate about how having no soul results in having no human reactions, which is sad. Definitely a bit more satirical than the other songs. (“cogs in a machine” kind of feel”). Pretty much stops at minute 2:52, so don’t wait for the track to completely stop (6 seconds of silence afterwards) FCC:shit

8. Has hints of a country song. Lyrics about the variety and uncertainty of life. Again, the song ends early (maybe 10 seconds early) FCC maybe: hell?

Track Listing
1. Tidal Wave   5. Sweet Surrender
2. Broken Arm   6. Out Of Control
3. Hold On, Romeo   7. Mechanical Birds On A Wire
4. Your Personal Hell   8. I Should Go