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Album Review
Trish McBee
Reviewed 2019-09-26
Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus (remastered)
Reviewed by Trish McBee
Sept. 23, 2019
FCC Clean

The Stones filmed and recorded the Rock and Roll Circus show over 2 days in December 1968. It was intended for a BBC TV special. Instead, it sat unreleased, collecting cobwebs for nearly 30 years. The Stones invited a star-studded lineup of British bands: the Who, Yoko Ono, Jethro Tull, Taj Mahal, Marianne Faithfull, and an impromptu supergroup “The Dirty Mac,” comprised of John Lennon, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell (of Jimi Hendrix Experience) and Eric Clapton. Director Michael Lindsay-Hogg filmed the performance though it never aired due to Brian Jones’ departure from the band and eventual death soon after (the show marked his last public performance with the Stones). It wasn’t until 1996 that Rock and Roll Circus was officially released. This is the remastered version. The Stones performed six songs (Jumpin’ Jack Flash,’ ‘Parachute Woman,’ ‘No Expectations,’ ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want,’ ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ and ‘Salt of The Earth’) in front of an audience for the first time. There are nine bonus tracks that were not included in the first release.

You can pretty much just close your eyes point and play any of these songs. They are all great. The intros are fun to play, too. Put the CD player on Continuous if you want to play the introductions before the songs.

The Bonus tracks are on CD 2. However, they are numbered continuously with the list printed here. Checkin' up on my baby is the first track on CD 2.

1. (0:25) Mick Jagger’s Introduction of Rock And Roll Circus
2. (0:55) “Entry of The Gladiators” – Circus Band
3. (0:11) Mick Jagger’s Introduction of Jethro Tull
4. *(3:26) “Song for Jeffrey” – Jethro Tull: First major gig for Jethro Tull. Studio version of this song. Great harp played by Ian Anderson, along with his fine flute and vocals.
5. (0:07) Keith Richards’ Introduction of The Who
6. ***(7:33) “A Quick One While He’s Away” – The Who: A fiery rendition of Pete Townshend’s ambitious mini-opera powered by Townshend’s slashing guitar style, drummer Keith Moon’s antic flailing and the tight vocal harmonies supplied by all four members.
7. (0:45) “Over the Waves” – Circus Band
8.* (3:48) “Ain’t That A Lot of Love” – Taj Mahal: More rock sounding than blues. Jessie Ed Davis' lead guitar is so fine, and Taj Mahal delivers some smooth vocals.
9. (0:06) Charlie Watts’ Introduction of Marianne Faithfull
10. (2:32) “Something Better” – Marianne Faithfull: A wispy ballad with pre-recorded musical backing
11. (1:05) Mick Jagger’s and John Lennon’s Introduction of The Dirty Mac
12.*** (4:27) “Yer Blues” – The Dirty Mac: one-time-only band featuring Lennon, Clapton, Keith Richards (on bass) and Jimi Hendrix drummer Mitch Mitchell, blazes through Lennon’s “Yer Blues” with passion and authority. Lennon sounds as great here as he does on the Beatles version, with Eric Clapton's lead guitar crying away. Richer sounding version than Take 2 on Bonus Track. Lennon’s vocals fade out a bit. Personally, I like the rougher Track 2 better!
13. (4:49) “Whole Lotta Yoko” – Yoko Ono & Ivry Gitlis with The Dirty Mac: Yoko performing in her trademark ululating caterwaul. Some have called this the first New Wave Rock live performance
14. ** (3:35) John Lennon’s Introduction of The Rolling Stones + Jumpin’ Jack Flash – The Rolling Stones. Although not the strongest take of this classic song, it's still a gas to hear.
15. **(2:59) “Parachute Woman” – The Rolling Stones. Awesome version of this rare Stones song. Rock and Roll blues.
16. ***(4:13) “No Expectations” – The Rolling Stones: quiet and lovely. Brian Jones on slide guitar. This was his swan song.
17. (4:24) “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – The Rolling Stones. Tired sounding rendition.
18. ****(8:49) “Sympathy for the Devil” – The Rolling Stones: Critically acclaimed as the best live version ever recorded. Easily the best track on the album. Jagger goes all out. Stones at their finest.
19. **(4:57) “Salt of The Earth” – The Rolling Stones: a giddy sing-along version of “Salt of the Earth,” with the Stones and guest stars hamming it up amid the audience

1. ***(5:37) “Checkin’ Up On My Baby” – Taj Mahal. Straight up rockin blues. Taj Mahal at his finest.
2. (6:20) “Leaving Trunk” – Taj Mahal. Lots of smokin harmonica. Great band. He sings a bit out of tune, though.
3. (3:49) “Corinna” – Taj Mahal. Slower tempo. Sounds more like later Taj Mahal songs. Great groove.
4. **“Revolution” (rehearsal) – The Dirty Mac. Faster version of Revolution in a different key. Lennon vocals are still great in this lower range. Clapton takes a nice solo. Keith Richards on bass.
5.*** (4:17) “Warmup Jam” – The Dirty Mac. Great dirty jam with Clapton playing smokin’ guitar, Keith on bass, Mitch Mitchell on drums. Great quieter groove near the end. No vocals.
6. ***(5:43) “Yer Blues” (take 2) – The Dirty Mac. Oh my. Lennon (vocals & guitar), Clapton (guitar) Richards (bass). Guitar duet between Lennon and Clapton. Clapton rips it up. Keith plays his signature Stones-sound bass line. I don’t know why they left this off the original album.
7. Brian Jones’ Introduction of Julius Katchen – Brian Jones.
8.* (6:30) de Falla: Ritual Fire Dance – Julius Katchen. Classical pianist plays a mean, pounding piano on a piece by Chopin. Sort of spacey, eerie sounding. Upbeat. Instrumental
9. (2:27) Mozart: Sonata In C Major-1st Movement – Julius Katchen. Straight on version of this song which you will recognize even if you aren’t familiar with classical music. Fast finger work on piano. Instrumental

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Jagger, Mick Mick Jagger's Introduction Of Rock And Roll Circus
2. Circus Band Entry Of The Gladiators
3. Jagger, Mick Mick Jagger's Introduction Of Jethro Tull
4. Jethro Tull Song For Jeffrey
5. Richards, Keith Keith Richards' Introduction Of The Who
6. Who, The A Quick One, While He's Away
7. Circus Band Over The Waves
8. Mahal, Taj Ain't That A Lot Of Love
9. Watts, Charlie Charlie Watts' Introduction Of Marianne Faithful
10. Faithfull, Marianne Something Better
11. Jagger, Mick & John Lennon Mick Jagger's And John Lennon's Introduction Of The Dirty Mac
12. Dirty Mac, The Yer Blues
13. Ono, Yoko & Ivry Gitlis With The Dirty Mac Whole Lotta Yoko
14. Lennon, John John Lennon's Introduction Of The Rolling Stones- Jumpin' Jack Flash
15. Rolling Stones, The Parachute Woman
16. Rolling Stones, The No Expectations
17. Rolling Stones, The You Can't Always Get What You Want
18. Rolling Stones, The Sympathy For The Devil
19. Rolling Stones, The Salt Of The Earth
20. Mahal, Taj Checkin' Up On My Baby
21. Mahal, Taj Leaving Trunk
22. Mahal, Taj Corinna
23. Dirty Mac, The Revolution (Rehearsal)
24. Dirty Mac, The Warmup Jam
25. Dirty Mac, The Yer Blues (Take 2)
26. Brian Jones Brian Jones Introduction Of Julius Katchen
27. Julius Katchen De Falla: Ritual Fire Dance
28. Julius Katchen Mozart: Sonata In C Major- 1st Movement