Lonesome Shack / Desert Dreams
Album: Desert Dreams   Collection:General
Artist:Lonesome Shack   Added:Jul 2019
Label:Alive Records  

Album Review
Reviewed 2019-07-19
Lonesome Shack
Desert Dreams
(Alive records)
Reviewed by BravoMarco

A wonderful slice of Americana with punchy simplicity. Formed in Seattle with a raw debut release in 2008, this is more polished, yet still packs full on energy & real charm. Desert blues from the US of A.

Like: Andrew Weathers, Bob Log III, Seasick Steve, JJ Cale, Ali Farka Toure
All twangtastic…Loving 2,6,7 & 8
No FCC’s

1) On The One (3.33) Mid paced charmer to open proceedings.
2) Past The Ditch (3.03) Head shaking foot tapping splendor.
3) New Dream (3.26) Slightly slowing it down in a boogie woogie style
4) Lonely (4.39) Drives along & takes you anywhere but being “Lonely”
5) Only One (2.58) Ballad time.
6) Too Bad (3.11) This sound just grabs you by the head & shakes you up & down.
7) King Clone (3.57) Blues & dirty grimy soul.
8) No Way Back (3.55) Grinding pulse & an incessant beat. Screaming out to be used in an advert.
9) The City Is A Desert (3.10) Keeps up the power & pace.
10) Desert Dreams (4.08) Crossover country to close.

Track Listing
1. On The One   6. Too Bad
2. Past The Ditch   7. King Clone
3. New Dream   8. No Way Back
4. Lonely   9. The City Is A Desert
5. Only One   10. Desert Dreams