Did You Die / Royal Unicorn
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Artist:Did You Die   Added:May 2019

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Reviewed 2019-05-22
Band based in Vancouver,BC. From their website: "The band’s music blends shoegazer dreamlike atmospherics, buzz-saw postpunk and head-drilling psych rock." In this album, their debut album, tracks sound similar, but each one either features male/female vocals, and a different beat to the guitar solo. This band seems to emphasize the instruments more than the voices, but when the voices kick in, you can really tell the vocals add a great dimension to the tracks. If the Transformers movies needed a more edgy soundtrack. Recommended tracks: 2,5,7,9. FCC Clean

1. Screeching amp intro. Female-sounding vocals,giving off weak Dolores O’Riordan vibes. Never a down moment on this track. Continuous driving drums/guitar.

2. ***Female vocals again. Sounds like a darker Asian Kung Fu Generation. Fun guitar transitions. Male background chorus, accompanied by driving guitar and bass/drums. Catchy vocals melody. Ends kind of abruptly.

3. Leading male vocals on this one. Chorus involves some ooohs adding to the smoothness of the vocals. Guitar solo adds a little spin to the melody. Head banger for sure.

4 Male vocals. Middling range of notes hit, with the main voice taking care of deeper ones, and the background hitting the higher fringes. Passionate rendition of the song’s title, with different inflections and emphasis. Note: ends abruptly.

5. ***Female vocals, a bit slower than the other tracks. Male vocals meld with the lead during the chorus for an interesting effect. Hints of a gnarly guitar peeking out in between the lyrics, which then comes into fruition in the solo (sort of nasally at one point).

6. Male voice. Reverb on the vocals. At one point sounds kind of ballad-y, but quickly leaves that sound. Bass gives it that extra layer of interest.

7. ****Sounds like the start of an adventure, or maybe the track accompanying a scene where the protagonist looks towards the sun. Interesting guitar riffs. Guitar solo takes on a bit of a minor tone. Abrupt ending.

8. Male vocals kick in immediately, energy of which continues throughout the song. Kind of stops at one minute, takes a 5-10 second break, and then picks back up where it left off.Song’s title highlighted by a change in vocalizations.

9. ***Softer intro to the song, elements slowly build in. Reverb guitar with that sweet wavy stuff. Better balance between vocals and instruments. Sunny guitar with sudden blasts throughout the song.

10. Pure instrumental. Good, solid intro, involving semi-complex beats,Quiets down to feature guitar riffs, then picking, then riffs again (this continues on and off).

11. Gentle vocals after a rather loud intro. Great guitar picks in between verses, adding a tone of lightness to the heaviness of the bass and the drums. Kazoo-like sound 2 minutes in. Last thing you hear? Solitary guitar.

Track Listing
1. Channel Swimmer   6. My Everything
2. Like I Care   7. Only One 1
3. Til The Morning Light   8. Never Gonna Be So Cool
4. Carry On   9. Lie When You Are
5. Feel Me Tremble   10. Bliss
  11. Realising A Dream