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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2019-03-15
Fascinating and fabulous account by Jack Miller of Ramses Recording Studio “the famous studio in the Southwest”, long lost three track recording and the birth of stereo. “Ramsey’s became Audio Recorders and in 1958, Miller made music history by recording the “Twang” Heard Around The World,” on the single “Rebel Rouser” by Duane Eddy which sold over a million copies” (worldcentral). The CD is 100% three track recordings with narration Miller showing that sometimes less is more (today 24-48+ trackrecording is standard). Miller went on to be the man behind the board at Canyon Records (fans of Native American Music, R. Carlos Nakai, will recognize). His accounts start with interesting creations of TV/radio jingles and advertisements but then moves on to his work with the likes of Dwayne Eddy, Henry Mancini. Tons of names, references, involved, Waylon Jennings, Buddy Holly, to name a few. Along the way, he explains recording, how early stereo was made with the three track. Miller passed away in 2016 but not before he left us with this true gem. It’s a must listen for anyone with even a passing interest in music recording, let alone professional engineers, but also for lovers of late 50’s, early 60’s twang, country: Lee Hazelwood, Porter Waggoner, Johnny Cash, Link Wray, Billy Lee Riley. Do…. Not…. Miss!!!!

Special thanks go to Al “the mayor of Tucson” Perry who mailed me this CD. Al had the honor of recording at Millers studio in Phoenix some years back. See our CD library.

1)** (2:54) intro to the CD, outline about the upcoming content, run down on the three track, Ampex, with a lovely surf soundbed, late 1950’s, explains how it works, illustrates it with stereo succinctly and wonderfully, how to turn mono into stereo basically: this is essential listening to anyone who may not fully understand how production, stereo, mixing works 2) (0:44) a brief jingle, talking about jingles 3) (0:27) another jingle, about a Phoenix mall, Park Central, one of the first malls ever 4)* (0:31) a jingle for the nearby retirement community of Sun City -yes the sun city that the sun city girls get there name from, now you know! 5) (0:28) a beer ad that lilts and is anything but a modern beer commercial 6) (0:31) a bankity bank ad! 7) (0:53) “Fairizona ‘63”, the state fair!, voice narration comes back 8) (2:11) complex denser ad, this describes one of the first major planned sprawl townhouse developments! Ay yi yi!! 9) (1:39) more complex, at the end of this he explains how early phasing (phase shifting) was done with these machines 10) (1:32) more townhouses, but this has the “weird” sci fi at the time effect of phase shifting that we all take for granted today (a phase shifter guitar pedal fits in your front pocket today) 11)* (0:57) REBLE ROUSER!!, THE BIG GUITARS APPEAR! Here we go!.... heres where the music history kicks in, fasten your belt! 12)* (1:54) jump blues 50’s rock, “don’t let go” 13)** (1:52) the phasing is super cool on this more sultry swingy song 14)* (2:02) freaky space age bachelor pad exotica with bad ass organ (its actually “oh where have you been billy boy” – a song that was never used to drive me insane as a small child) 15) (3:34) Thundercloud: “rumble” type big slow twang with sound of Phoenix thunderclap in intro, outro, talk of the recording board, getting a new board 16) (2:38) slow dark western, jealousy, murder, big twang 17) (2:22) lovely stuff, with female vocs, acoustic guitar, classic love pop about teenager heartbreak 18)*** (2:32) Dwayne Eddy influenced song, an ode to him, a must play, play with next 19)** (2:50) Glenn Morris: Eddy on rhythm guitar, classic early 60’s country, sad ending about loss of Glenn 20)** (3:49) Green Dolphin Street: Al Casey, a spontaneous jam while waiting for Dwayne Eddy to show up, west coast 60’s jazz with flute 21)**** (2:36) Dwayne fucking Eddy man, recording his first stereo album(!) 22) (2:21) Mule Train, Eddy on banjo and acoustic guitar, with a horrific tale of forgetting to hit the simulsync button 23)*** (2:38) here comes Henry Mancini, Peter Gunn played by Dwayne Eddy!! 24) (3:06) Don Cole -Lie Detector Machine: super cool funny swingy song with a dark ending, the voiceover describes an even darker violent back story to the next track 25) (2:05) killer dark swing, used as evidence for First Degree Murder intent at trial of song writer 26) (2:24) Johnny Risk – exotica toned 27) (2:09) Night Creature, full on twang surf badness 28) (2:30) lovely western with phasing 29) (3:27) romantic waltzing, slow dance, intro with Nicky Sullivan ref (Crickets) 30) (2:13) ex-member of The Crickets (he missed the flight) and it totally sounds like it 31) (3:24) Ray Sharp -Linda Lou, western blues swing walking, last 1+ he talks about getting hired by Mancini at RCA 32) (2:41) Red Sails in the Sunset -Ray Sharp, reverb drenched blues walking 33) (2:55) classic early 60’s country “Its such a pretty world today” 34)**(3:33) Shades – Millers favorite song, super cool, great recording, all live in studio, sure sounds like Lee Hazelwood (wth?!?! Really?!!), with an outro by Jack 35) (1:49) classic country, total Johnny Cash style twang

Track Listing
1. Intro   18. Eddy
2. Jingles   19. Morris
3. Park Central Jingle   20. Green Dolphin Street
4. Sun City Jingle   21. Eddy
5. Beer Jingle   22. Mule Train
6. Bankity Bank Jingle   23. Peter Gunn
7. Fairizona '63 Ad   24. Lie Detector Machine
8. Townhouse Ad   25. Intent To Kill
9. Phase Shifting Explained   26. Johnny Risk
10. Denver Townhouse Sprawl Ad With Phasing   27. Night Creature
11. Rebel Rouser   28. Western Twang
12. Dont Let Go   29. Waltz
13. Phasey   30. Crickets
14. Billy Boy   31. Linda Lou
15. Thundercloud   32. Red Sails In The Sunset
16.   33. Its Such A Pretty Day Today
17. Teenage Heartache   34. Shades, Outro
  35. Step Aside