Shola, Eki / Possible
Album: Possible   Collection:General
Artist:Shola, Eki   Added:Feb 2019
Label:Self Release  

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Add Date: 2019-03-01 Pull Date: 2019-05-03
Week Ending: May 5 Apr 14 Apr 7 Mar 31 Mar 10 Mar 3
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1. Apr 28, 2019: Grace and Jam
Color Of Joy
4. Mar 29, 2019: Old Fart At Play
Color Of Joy
2. Apr 12, 2019: Old Fart At Play
Why 2x
5. Mar 08, 2019: Old Fart At Play
Chill Wednesday, Why 2x
3. Apr 03, 2019: Take a spin
Color Of Joy
6. Mar 02, 2019: Electric Universe

Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2019-02-15

Reviewed: 2018-02-14
Genre: General
FCCs: none
Review: I can’t really convey how magical this music is. The track review only provides signposts. It’s an amazing fusion of electronics, hip-hop, jazz, & ethnic rhythms with deep soul. Jump in – the water’s fine!
If You Like: Tomita, Portishead, Stevie Wonder, Weather Report
Track Review (favorites denoted by *):
*1/ Why 2x (3:48) – synth vocal starts> synth & vocals interplay, then slips into a midtempo funky groove> slows to fade
*2/ Journey of Zen (3:32) – guitar starts> uptempo jam> synth intersects with percussive effects & intersecting vocals> melody shift> midtempo jam> quick fade
*3/ Chill Wednesday (3:32) – synth starts slow> slow song over a midtempo beat with chanting> synth/percussion jam> slow song with chanting> slow fade
4/ One (3:04) – percussion/synth/vocals start> spoken word over the top, like poetry> quick shift to sonic instrumental interlude> uptempo jam with intersecting vocals> quick stop
*5/ Color Of Joy (5:02) – synth starts in waves of sound> vocals intersect over slow groove> shifting tempos & melodies all over a funky groove> morphs into a synthetic curtain of sound> morphs into midtempo space jam> fade
*6/ Butterfly (4:04) – synth starts with a sprinkling of electronic rain> vocals intersect over synth & heavy bass notes> echoing vocals> slow fade
7/ Seawave (4:50) – vocal chorus starts slow with synth, beats & flashes of synth intersect with chorus> morphs into midtempo funky beat with female chorus over the top> midtempo song with distorted female vocals> slow fade
8/ In The Morning (3:48) – synth starts slow & quiet> slow quiet song repeats phrase over & over> vocal chorus intersects> slow fade
*9/ December Glow (3:41) – heavy organ-like sounds start> slow jam with percussive beats> chorus intersects with ululating vocals> slow fade
10/ Refresh (0:45) – wild synth & distorted jam starts> quick stop
11/ Four Letter Word (4:07) – synth starts> slow song with echoing female chorus> slow fade
*12/ Can’t Breathe (3:13) – synth sprinkles notes like rainfall to start> synth& piano duet with a Japanese koto vibe> quick fade
13/ Looped (3:16) – synth starts slow with echoing looped vocals over the top, then swings to midtempo> midtempo song with echoing chorus> slow fade
14/ Brain Massage (4:12) – synth starts slow with repetitive riff> builds to midtempo duet with synth & piano over beats with interjected vocals> pulsing synth switches melody to hesitating midtempo jam> slow fade
15/ Floating (3:40) – heavy synth notes & drone undulate to start> drum machine kicks in> morphs into uptempo jam> melody shift, stays uptempo> a
*16/ Beat of Life (2:30) – synth starts uptempo with muted vocals & echoing chorus over beats> builds in volume & intensity> fade
17/ Funkonica (3:48) – synth starts like a cloudburst of notes> looping midtempo synth over beats begins echoing into space jam> melody shift to heavy synth notes under beats> slow fade
18/ Suspension Of Life (4:26) – synth/vocals start slow & quiet, build in intensity & volume> male & female spoken word dialogue over the top> quick fade
**19/ Tender Amor (4:50) -synth/drone starts slow with a electronic sitar overlay & bamboo flute> slow jam with gorgeous melody morphs into midtempo space jam with beats, then swings uptempo, almost danceable> slows to fade
*20/ The Lesson (4:04) – synth/electronic keyboards start slow with interjected vocals> midtempo jam> segues into reverse tracking midtempo jam with vocal overlay & vibes-like notes> midtempo jam with synth over the top> slows to fade

Track Listing
1. Why 2x   11. Four Letter Word
2. Journey Of Zen   12. Can't Breathe
3. Chill Wednesday   13. Looped
4. One   14. Brain Massage
5. Color Of Joy   15. Floating
6. Butterfly   16. Beat Of Life
7. Seawave   17. Funkonica
8. In The Morning   18. Suspensions Of Life
9. December Glow   19. Tender Amor
10. Refresh   20. The Lesson