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Artist:Exek   Added:Jan 2019

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The Home Of The Architect
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The Commoner
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Album Review
DJ Away
Reviewed 2019-02-07
Melbourne avant-punk band, pronounced “exec.” Here one member tells a wild and surrealistc story about upper class life in a dystopic future, accompanied by synth, trumpet, and bass. Trippy, absurdist, often super funny. A must for fans of Laurie Anderson and Robert Ashley, or of J.G. Ballard. The cover photo was taken at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Favorites: 2, 6, 8, 9. FCC WARNING: 1, 5, 7.

1. (3:39)—FCC (f***). Peppy rising mid-tempo synths. The narrator enters a party.
2. *(1:50)—High, loud synth washes, almost dissonant. (“Talk about famous artists…Francobronio Garibaldi, Claude Portomonico, Laremy Scaramouche.”)
3. (0:31)—Woozy. The narrator gets picked up by a fancy car.
4. (2:17)—Lots of disorienting sci-fi synth sounds. The narrator learns the driver is “dedicated to the underground disco scene.”
5. (0:41)—FCC (f***). Loud high-pitched tones. The narrator drinks a beer.
6. *(3:57)—Mellow, spaced out. The narrator turns on the radio. “There was once a freedom to auto tune, and subsequently a freedom to listen to another one’s auto tunings.” He wakes up at the house of “The Physicist.”
7. (2:09)—FCC (f***). Upbeat swirling synth loop. “There was hardly any reason to travel far anymore. Everywhere looked the same, everywhere sounded the same, everywhere felt the same.”
8. *(1:47)—Reprise of the beginning synth pattern, but more frantic. The narrator pours coffee on The Physicist’s prize machine, and he gets beat up and thrown out.
9. *(1:30)—Dark, walking bassline. A bit of singing. A strange conclusion to the story.

Track Listing
1. Withheld From The Cycle   5. Menthol
2. The Home Of The Architect   6. The Commoner
3. Aerospace And Defense   7. The Physicist's Issue
4. A Mental Note   8. Where The Milk Was Spilt
  9. A Fax Back From The Architect