Sarah Louise / Nighttime Birds And Morning Stars
Album: Nighttime Birds And Morning Stars   Collection:General
Artist:Sarah Louise   Added:Jan 2019
Label:Thrill Jockey Records  

Album Review
Reviewed 2019-01-10
Sarah Louise/Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars. Dreamy experimental folk. This solo project provides good ambient tracks requiring of a certain headspace to listen to. Most songs feature synthesis, chiming guitar, and her voice that kind of moans in the background. Most the songs have the same musical backbone and as a result all sound very similar. Many songs are quite slow, so it may not be the best radio music unless that’s what you’re going for. Sounds slightly similar to some Avey Tare work. Try 7, 3, 4

1)(1:45) Calm opening with bird sounds and chiming in background. Ceremonial voice comes in over, 2)(2:23) Chime-y string opening that basically continues for whole two minutes, 3)*(4:09) Hectic, running strings to open. Sounds like a spider furiously spinning a web. Slows down significantly midway through song, 4)*(4:00) Gaze-y song that slowly adds more faster, louder layers, 5)(4:05) Upbeat guitar to open song that kind of bumbles on throughout, 6)(4:45) Slow synth with a whining voice in the background over the whole song, 7)**(4:24) Starts with very hectic strings, and then her voice comes in over. Bass guitar comes on in the background midway through song, 8)(8:33) Spooky string chiming to open. Strumming gets slightly faster paced near end.

Track Listing
1. Daybreak   5. Swarming At The Threshold
2. R Mountain   6. Late Night Healing Choir
3. Ancient Intelligence   7. Chitin Flight
4. Rime   8. Nighttime Birds And Morning Stars