Jones, Glenn / Giant Who Ate Himself And Other New Works For 6 & 12 String Guitar, The

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1. Aug 27, 2019: Music Genealogy
The Giant Who Ate Himself
4. Mar 01, 2019: Traditions
The Was And The Is
2. Mar 02, 2019: The Acupuncture Hour/Audio Ambrosia
The Giant Who Ate Himself
5. Feb 22, 2019: Traditions
The Sunken Amusement Park
3. Mar 02, 2019: Music Casserole
The Last Passenger Pigeon
6. Feb 15, 2019: Old Fart At Play
From Frederick To Fredericksburg

Album Review
DJ Away
Reviewed 2019-01-01
Acoustic guitar soli. With 50 years of guitar-playing experience under his belt, Glenn Jones continues to deepen his explorations into the American primitive style developed by John Fahey & co. Firmly in the traditions of American folk and blues guitar, with occasional significant deviations. Favorites: 2, 3, 4, 7. No words, no FCCs.

1. (4:42)—Medium-slow, wistful, bouncy.
2. *(3:21)—Gentle, slow. Insect sounds. Back porch evening music.
3. *(7:17)—Shimmering 12-string playing. Raga-like beginning, a middle like a restrained rave-up. Dark undertones.
4. *(2:08)—Melody like a old jazz vocal hook. Bright and clear. More night sounds.
5. (2:56)—Rich fingerpicked melodies. Slightly bluesy lilts. Ending sleigh bells.
6. (1:59)—Airplane and bird sounds, drones. Slide guitar, scraping of strings.
7. *(4:26)—C# minor brooding. Starts slow, becomes an assertive blues jaunt with some rich melodic asides.
8. (5:26)—Upbeat, head-bobbing, with some subtle tonal shifts.
9. (3:46)—Pleasant, bluesy.
10. (2:05)—Heavier reverb, medium-fast, great for fans of Leo Kottke.

Track Listing
1. The Giant Who Ate Himself   6. River In The Sky
2. Everything Ends   7. From Frederick To Fredericksburg
3. The Last Passenger Pigeon   8. Even The Snout And The Tail
4. The Was And The Is   9. Elliot Audrey, Born Today
5. A Different Kind Of Christmas Carol   10. The Sunken Amusement Park