Oh Sees / Smote Reverser
Album: Smote Reverser   Collection:General
Artist:Oh Sees   Added:Nov 2018
Label:Castle Face Records  

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Recent Airplay
1. Jul 14, 2021: Totally A (rebroadcast from Feb 1, 2019)
Nail House Needle Boys
4. Feb 27, 2019: Brownian Motion
Anthemic Aggressor
2. Jun 30, 2021: Totally A (rebroadcast from Feb 1, 2019)
Nail House Needle Boys
5. Feb 14, 2019: Jams Run Free
3. Feb 27, 2019: Take a spin
6. Feb 13, 2019: The Library
Abysmal Urn

Album Review
DJ Away
Reviewed 2018-12-23
Former San Francisco rock ’n’ roll godheads. Blasted psychedelic frenzy, walls of melting sound candy. This feels like their take on seventies prog, with a really dialed-in and dry, less anarchic sound, more focused on clarity and fidelity than before. The lyrics are a mix of scathing social commentary and high fantasy. RIYL Thee Oh Sees/OCS/&c., Ty Segall, King Gizzard, Thin Lizzy, sick riffs, eating cheap pizza and shouting at the tube while rolling a 20-sided die. Favorites: 3, 6, 7, 8, 9. FCC WARNING: 4.

1. (5:35)—Medium-fast, stuttering. Nice double drum patterns. Chugging ‘70s rock. Picks up near the end.
2. (3:53)—Mid-tempo jam. Wah wah soloing.
3. *(4:22)—Medium-fast. Thick boogie. Bouncy, fun, circus-like.
4. (2:41)—FCC (f***). Fast blown-out thrasher, old Oh Sees goes Napalm Death.
5. (7:42)—Slow, surfy jam into a trippy sock hop thing. Faded duet with former member Brigid Dawson.
6. *(4:57)—Slow, half-awake, bits of rhythm and blues. Misty and floating in a way early Kinks or Tame Impala fans alike might enjoy.
7. *(12:13)—Instrumental. Fast 7/8 beat. Soft Machine/Psychic Paramount flavor. Long jam with high keys, dry fuzzy soloing. Wild ending. Wow!!!
8. *(3:26)—Fast, noisy, surfy, tight, kinetic, catchy. Thick Thin Lizzy guitars.
9. *(4:41)—Mid-tempo, smeary, driving funk. Mellow verses, wiry instrumental breaks. Grooves hard.
10. (4:26)—Instrumental. Slow, spooky creep.
11. (6:04)—Mid-tempo, cool and a little melancholy. Wobbly synths, Deep Purple keys, goofy rock finish.

Track Listing
1. Sentient Oona   6. Moon Bog
2. Enrique El Cobrador   7. Anthemic Aggressor
3. C   8. Abysmal Urn
4. Overthrown   9. Nail House Needle Boys
5. Last Peace   10. Flies Bump Against The Glass
  11. Beat Quest