Frizzell, Lefty / Best Of, the
Album: Best Of, the   Collection:Country
Artist:Frizzell, Lefty   Added:Jan 1994
Label:Rhino Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Oct 28, 2023: Hanging In The Boneyard
The Long Black Veil
4. Mar 02, 2018: Traditions
I Love You a Thousand Ways, If You've Got the Money Hone
2. Aug 19, 2022: Traditions
The Long Black Veil
5. Aug 01, 2015: Mix Tape: Out of the Skillet, Into the Fire
She's Gone, Gone, Gone
3. Sep 29, 2021: Some Songs Without Words
If You've Got the Money Hone
6. Apr 10, 2015: The Iron Skillet
Shine, Shave, Shower

Track Listing
1. If You've Got the Money Hone   10. How Long Will It Take
2. I Love You a Thousand Ways   11. Don't Stay Away
3. Look What Thoughts Will Do   12. Forever [And Always]
4. Shine, Shave, Shower   13. I'm An Old, Old Man
5. I Want to Be with You Always   14. Run 'em Off
6. Always Late   15. I Love You Mostly
7. Mom and Dad's Waltz   16. The Long Black Veil
8. Travellin' Blues   17. Saginaw, Michigan
9. Give Me More, More, More   18. She's Gone, Gone, Gone