Various Artists / Mighty Feeble
Album: Mighty Feeble   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2018
Label:New Alliance  

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Prompt Response

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2018-08-21
NOTE: this album is for reanimation, not for charting rotation. It is not a re-release.

(raise the channel volume on this as I mastered it low from the original vinyl)
This is digital rip of vinyl underground classic released by New Alliance our of San Pedro in 1981, a collection of cassette only recordings of bands from across the country but most out of SoCal in the day. At that time it was rare to have access to recording studios or even home reel to reel multitracks so many artists looped home cassette decks into one another, used hand-held cassette recorders creatively and invented what later became known as noise and low fi. Theres a heavy dose of this layered noise in here, but make no mistake, there are recordings of obscure bands and living room performances. 20 tracks, one of my faves is #14 which captures an all girl band that delivers the most perfect twee pop, 12 years before the genre was even defined. #17 is another great fave, hip shaking booming with a crazed clarinet. #16 is a crack up, a smash up of the nascent spoken word scene.

1) (0:44) drums, dinjunct distorted guitar, vocs 2) (2:37) old school industrial noise with desperate yelling. 3) (2:41) simple folk w acoustic guit singing 4) (1:25) intense but buried proggy noise rock instrumental 5) (2:00) industrial noise with crazed screams. 6) (1:36) quiet minimal noise guitar and flute, vocals 7) (1:10) another buried noise priece w spoken vocs 8)* (1:24) minimal no wave feel, urgent bass, vocs, think DNA 9)* (2:40) dark gothy death punk synth feel no drums urgent 10)* (3:16) simple piano, bass, violin, clarinet, guitar and crazed no wave vocs, like all previous songs smashed together 11)* (4:32) killer dark wall of noise rock, slow plodding 12) (1:26) SPOT noodling on an acoustic showing off jazz chops 13)* (3:09) urgent cohesive rock a la MX80 Sound 14)*** (3:51) earworm warning: these beautiful all girl proto twee pop melodies and earnest drums will get stuck in your head for days 15)* (1:01) punky crazed noise blast. 16)* (1:53) hilarious mash up of what was then the revival of “spoken word” with noise, loops great 17)*** (2:03) another ear worm alert: big bouncy Tom Tom tribal beat, with clarinet, super sexy 18) (3:40) harsh industrial old school tape layering noise. 19) (1:53) quiet subdued loopy noise, vocs 20) (4:11) quiet fade in to droney noise balm

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Misguided Populaton Absorbant Balls_Bored To Death
2. Debt Of Nature Dead Cow Manifesto
3. Marshall Mellow Jesus Stop Shaking The Stars
4. Elevator Jam #6
5. Jimmy Smack Live At The Lingerie
6. James B Slayden Jr Lethargic Moan
7. Autistic Divinity I Woke Up Dreaming
8. Los Luies Social Conspiracy
9. Modern Torture Until It Ends
10. Gary Jacobelly Ensemble Jive Time
11. Severed Head In A Bag Man With The Exploding Head
12. Spot The Only Question Is
13. Kamikaze Refrigerators B02 Kamikaze Refrigerators Repitition Of Danger
14. Buffalo Gals I Love Dancing With Joshua
15. Mr Epp And The Calculators Jaded
16. Turds From Space Whats The Matter With You You Crazy Nut
17. Gino Pustazi An Hours Effort
18. Sec Prompt Response
19. Epidermal Refraction Rice Paper Transient
20. B09 Zurich 1916 Ugly Black Stuff