Arctic Monkeys / Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino
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Album Review
Jabbering Encore
Reviewed 2018-07-21
It’s been five years since Arctic Monkeys’ last album, AM, and at some point in those five years, bandleader Alex Turner acquired a piano. This has brought out his inner balladeer, and as a result, the Monkeys’ sixth album, the ridiculously-named Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino, is a complete stylistic break from their previous efforts. The guitar-driven hard rock has been replaced by pianos and keyboards, making for a spacey-sounding record that’s equally inspired by lounge and traditional strains of pop. On its less-notable tracks it lacks the boundless energy and witty charm of the Monkeys’ best songs, but it’s not without some terrific moments.

FCCs: 7, 9
Favorites: 1, 5, 6, 8, 11

1) “Star Treatment” (5:55)* – A slick—even greasy—polished pop song that bobs along at a slow, swinging tempo. Keeping in with the album’s stylistic change, it’s centered around pianos and keyboards.
2) “One Point Perspective” (3:29) – Pretty simple song—twangy guitar, basic drumbeat, and a high, plinking, annoying piano riff. Song’s end goes right into the next one, so fade out early or play them both back-to-back.
3) “American Sports” (2:38) – Darker, lusher sound. Guitars are still relegated to the background, but they’re more noticeable, and the piano and drums are more dynamic.
4) “Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino” (3:32) – Something about this song sounds kind of stilted and awkward. Another song where the piano and drums feel a little too repetitive to make much of an impression.
5) “Golden Trunks” (2:54)* – The guitar—in all its fuzzy, distorted glory—returns to prominence on this track, and it creates a really sinister atmosphere that makes it one of the album’s more distinctive tracks. Turner’s got the vocal delivery to match, too.
6) “Four Out of Five” (5:12)* – The best song on the album, by a country mile. It’s a throwback to glam rock’s heyday, with a sultry bass line and drumbeat. Guitar and piano riffs are nicely woven in with the other musical elements.
7) “The World’s First Ever Monster Trunk Front Flip” (3:00) – FCC “b******.” Kind of similar to “One Point Perspective” in that there’s a repeated, stabbing organ riff that gets kind of grating. Fortunately, things get a little more lively at the chorus.
8) “Science Fiction” (3:06)* – Bristling guitar and eerie whining sounds in the background, and a darker, more brooding atmosphere overall. This makes it one of the more exciting tracks on the album.
9) “She Looks Like Fun” (3:03) – FCC “d***.” The song feels kind of start-and-stop with its more laid-back sections at the verses, broken up by crashing guitar chords at the choruses. Eh…
10) “Batphone” (4:32) – A return to the album’s slinkier, glammier impulses—there’s a lot of empty space between the instruments. Simple piano riff and drumbeat, with a staccato guitar pattern in the background (or sometimes distorted chords in the foreground). Turner sings more forcefully on this song, which I appreciate.
11) “The Ultracheese” (3:38)* – It’s like Turner tried his best to write an old-time piano ballad, or a showtune, and it works pretty beautifully. Passionate, romantically sung. End comes kind of unexpectedly, so watch the time.

Track Listing
1. Star Treatment   6. Four Out Of Five
2. One Point Perspective   7. The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip
3. American Sports   8. Science Fiction
4. Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino   9. She Looks Like Fun
5. Golden Trunks   10. Batphone
  11. The Ultracheese