Woodwired / In The Loop
Album: In The Loop   Collection:Classical
Artist:Woodwired   Added:May 2018
Label:Uta Records  

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Recent Airplay
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4. Jul 06, 2018: Old Fart at Play
Malalai Of Maiwand
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5. Jul 05, 2018: subwoofer etc etc etc
Red Forest
3. Jul 09, 2018: Old fart at Play
Nebula Mosaic
6. Jul 05, 2018: July Fifth: Patriotism plus One
The 101

Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2018-05-11
Reviewed: 2018-05-11
Genre: Classical (X)
FCCs: none
Review: Fabulous. Adventurous. Spellbinding. These two women introduce us to the two extremes in pitch in the woodwind section, bass clarinet & flute, combine them with electronic punctuation and texture, and give us a whole new perspective on what is possible in the world of music. Plus, like the scordatura challenge, we get to see the full range of what these instruments are capable of. I love it when someone tries something new, and especially when it works as well as this disc does.
If You Like: Eric Dolphy, Eki Shola, James Newton, Martin Frost, Jean-Pierre Rampal
Track Review (favorites denoted by *):
*1/ Bare (5:36) – percussive start with breath sounds> duet starts slow & hesitantly> slow jam swings to midtempo> bass clarinet & flute trade solos> midtempo duet> quick stop
*2/ Bulgama (5;24) – percussive sounds start> uptempo duet> melody shift> flute solo swings uptempo> bass clarinet solo> space jam> quick stop
*3/ Dionysus (4:23) – percussive sound like xylophone starts with Gamelan vibe> flute dances in> uptempo duet like fairies & elves dancing in the woods> quick stop
4/ Nebula Mosaic (4:36) -flute starts> slow & quiet with percussive underpinning> bass clarinet joins and duet swings to midtempo> slow fade
85/ Malalai Of Maiwand (2:46) – bass clarinet starts in high registers>heavy percussive noise leads into midtempo duet middle eastern vibe, like belly dance music in the Star Wars cantina> quick stop
6/ Yousalzai (4:32) – flute starts slow with waves of notes> slow duetwith bass clarinet> slow & spacey> big dissonant crash> melody shift to midtempo, then slides back to slow duet> slow fade
*7/ The 101 (3:38) – uptempo duet like a Russian dance>
8/ Valentina (3:38) – duet starts> midtempo slows to slow duet> melody shift slows a little more> flute solo reaches high> slow duet> slow fade
**9/ Red Forest (4:56) – heavy deep percussive notes start> slow duet> space jam> heavy percussion> lighter space jam with bird sounds> slow fade
**10/ Libertango (4:37) – percussion sounds start> fast tempo duet> flute solo> fast tempo duet> quick stop

Track Listing
1. Bare   6. Yousafzai
2. Bulgama   7. The 101
3. Dionysus   8. Valentina
4. Nebula Mosaic   9. Red Forest
5. Malalai Of Maiwand   10. Libertango