Gonzalez, Benito, Gerry Gibbs, Essiet Okon Essiet / Passion Reverence Transcendence; The Music Of Mccoy Tyner

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1. Jul 18, 2021: No Cover, No Minimum: Monday Edition (rebroadcast from Jul 2, 2018)
Fly With The Wind
4. Jul 19, 2018: No Cover, No Minimum
2. Jan 02, 2020: Clean Copper Radio & Hot Topics
Fly With The Wind
5. Jul 14, 2018: the acupuncture hour
Just Feelin', Fly With The Wind
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Inner Glimpse
6. Jul 12, 2018: subwoofer etc etc etc
Blues On The Corner

Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2018-05-10
Reviewed: 2018-05-10
Genre: Jazz
FCCs: none
Review: The title says it all. Pianist Benito Gonzalez, drummer Gerry Gibbs and bassist Essiet Okon Essiet assemble to tackle the music of McCoy Tyner. The result is a beautifully played, unequivocal triumph of sound and spirit. They have a blast with this material. Together, the trio embraces the elan, the spirit of Tyner, without succumbing to clichés. The material sings, thanks to the high energy performances you’d expect from each of these musicians. They’ve proven themselves on their independent projects, and they prove themselves as a trio on this disc.
If You Like:
Track Review (favorites denoted by *);
*1/ Fly With The Wind (6:37) – piano starts with strong chords> uptempo jam> scintillating piano solo> lightning fast bass solo> uptempo jam> crescendo & slow fade
2/ Just Feelin’ (6:30) – piano solo> midtempo jam> uptempo bass solo> uptempo jam> slow fade & quick stop
*3/ Rotunda (6:07) – piano starts> fast jam> piano solo> fast jam> crescendo end
*4/ Festival In Bahia (8:15) – piano/harp starts> fast jam with heavy percussion> lomg crescendo end
*5/ Blues On The Corner (6:29) – piano starts> rocking blues uptempo jam> piano solo> midtempo jam> drum/bass duet> midtempo jam> quick fade
*6/ The Greeting (6:34) – piano starts> slow jam morphs into midtempo morphs into uptempo morphs into fast tempo> bass solo> fast tempo jam> percussion jam> fade on percussion
7/ You Taught My Heart To Sing (3:35) – cymbals/piano start> slow jam> slow fade
*8/ Atlantis (6:11) – piano start> midtempo jam jumps uptempo> fast piano solo> fast jam slows to uptempo> fade
9/ Inner Glimpse (5:08) – piano starts> lighning fast jam> bass/drum duet> quick stop
*10/ Naima (3:43) – slow piano solo> slow fade
11/ Tyner Trane Express (5:25) – electric piano/percussion starts> uptempo jam> lightning fast piano solo> bass solo> slows to uptempo jam> whips back to full tilt> slow fade
12/ Between Friends (5:25) – piano starts> midtempo jam> piano solo> drum solo> midtempo jam> slow crescendo end
*13/ Brazilian Girls (7:10) - piano starts slow, swings into uptempo jam> lightning fast piano solo> bass solo> uptempo jam> drum solo> uptempo jam> quick fade

Track Listing
1. Fly With The Wind   7. You Tinner Glimpseaught My Heart To Sing
2. Just Feelin'   8. Atlantis
3. Rotunda   9. Inner Glimpse
4. Festival In Bahia   10. Naima
5. Blues On The Corner   11. Tyner Trane Express
6. The Greeting   12. Between Friends
  13. Brazilian Girls