Hovvdy / Cranberry
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Artist:Hovvdy   Added:Apr 2018
Label:Double Double Whammy  

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1. Apr 17, 2024: sunday drive
In The Sun
4. Jun 09, 2018: Music Casserole
In The Sun
2. Aug 09, 2021: The Library (rebroadcast from May 9, 2018)
In The Sun
5. Jun 06, 2018: The Library
In The Sun
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Album Review
Jabbering Encore
Reviewed 2018-04-05
Who remembers slowcore? Y’know, the downbeat, melancholy guitar rock of the ‘90s? (Well, there’s guitars, but no one’s really rocking out.) If there’s a slowcore revival, Hovvdy (pretend that’s a w) have to be a part of it. They’re a duo who traffics in quiet, unhurried music that utilizes a lot of acoustic instrumentation. I’m having kind of a hard time describing it—it’s pretty nondescript, to be honest—and the songs threaten to blur together into a haze of moodiness. This isn’t to say that this isn’t an enjoyable album, but it’s definitely one that’s best for rainy days, if you know what I mean. If you want to play some slower fare, pick one of the favorites.

FCCs: None
Favorites: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9

1) “Brave” (3:02) – Plaintive singing and acoustic guitar for the first minute. Last two minute add drums, piano, and gentle electric guitar chords. Ending kind of bleeds into the next song, so fade out early.
2) “In the Sun” (3:01)* – Steady drumbeat, intertwined acoustic strumming and electric chords. One of the livelier tunes on the album.
3) “Thru” (2:35)* – This song’s an appreciated change of pace. There’s a brisk drum machine and brooding guitar chords in the background, though the song never cuts loose or gets loud. The drum machine runs right to the end, so fade out early.
4) “Petal” (3:03)* – Like “In the Sun,” this song feels a little fuller, and it helps that the drumbeat keeps things moving along steadily. This song—and this whole album, really—is a great slow burn.
5) “Cranberry” (1:52)* – Not much more to this song than a repeated acoustic guitar pattern and some subtle flute accompaniments. One of the more lyrically-driven tracks on the album, even if it’s kind of hard to hear.
6) “Late” (2:34)* – The guitars are turned up a little more here, so the song picks up right away. Another cut that shakes the album out of its languor. Watch out for the abrupt ending.
7) “Tub” (1:24) – Simple instrumental with an acoustic guitar. That’s all.
8) “Float” (2:55) – Acoustic guitar shuffle with washes of electric guitar. Pretty similar to the favorites.
9) “Truck” (4:00)* – Slide guitar makes this sound like a country song. It’s a pretty warm and inviting tune.
10) “Quitter” (2:43) – Whispery acoustic intro before the drums and electric guitar chords kick in at 0:24.
11) “Colorful” (3:57) – Imagine the whispery acoustic intro from the previous track, stretched out to about four minutes. It’s pretty, but it’ll probably bore any listeners who aren’t into this thing.
12) “Swing” (2:13) – Another brisker song that melds acoustic and electric guitar.

Track Listing
1. Brave   7. Tub
2. In The Sun   8. Float
3. Thru   9. Truck
4. Petal   10. Quitter
5. Cranberry   11. Colorful
6. Late   12. Swing