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Into The Abyss
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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2018-04-12
Instrumental psychgaze, drone hypno masterpieces. Layers of treated guitars and balm bass, narco drums, soothe and challenge. This is high quality stuff on par with the best Bowery Electric broke the mold with 20 years ago. Fantastic. Fans of Godspeed, Nadja, and generally chilling out with stuff that seems loud even when played quietly, quiet even when played loud. I haven’t had a religious experience like this since my first wife had her tooth pulled and we brought home her pain killers and the new Bowery Electric record on blue translucent vinyl.

1)* (6:01) perfect noise drone fades this in, because a lovely droning hypnotic balm noise wash 2)* (7:29) big melodic washed out drone under mid plod psych beat, killer 3) (8:44) slow plod with minor keyed chiming picked chords and big bass leading the way 4)* (5:44) lovely chiming echoey guitar picking then a minute later huge treated bassy droning lines and washes join in, wow, beautiful 5) (6:16) pensive urgency, almost tribal 6) (5:31) hypno drone wash, superb 7) (6:10) chill with cool downtempo drums on rides and toms, builds 8) (6:24) sustained guitar tones start and set the stage 9) (4:48) low spooky drones start this off, the swirling bass and looping efx are so Bowery Electric its making my head spin, giving me a Vicodin flashback 10) (6:04) different, cleaner production on this, clearer less narco haze, slow mindful pace 11) (4:47) cleaner production continues, more of a tight spaced out rock tone with decipherable trippy sounds 12)* (6:18) slow mindful drum beat and instruments follow suit, darker tone

Track Listing
1. The Sun Shall Be Turned Into Dreams   7. The River Of Life
2. Hexenhammer   8. Appolyon
3. Alcyone   9. Into The Abyss
4. Judith   10. Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand Angels
5. The Holy Mountain   11. The White Horse
6. La Fin Absolue Du Monde   12. The Black Hollow (Feat. Rasplyn)