Various Artists / La Contra Ola: Synth Wave And Post-Punk From Spain 1980-86
Album: La Contra Ola: Synth Wave And Post-Punk From Spain 1980-86   Collection:General
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Label:Les Disques Bongo Joe  

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Album Review
Telepathic Juan
Reviewed 2018-03-29
La Contra Ola: Synth Wave And Post-Punk From Spain 1980-86 is a fascinating compilation of early 1980s electronic pop music produced in Spain showcasing a wide range of synthesizer-driven noises and styles, from synth pop to experimental and everything in between. This collection does a fantastic job capturing the unique experimentation bands were attempting by messing around with melody, instrumentation, beats, language, and subject matter and always following the hermetic restraints electronic instruments could offer. This collection offers seminal tracks like the always mesmerizing Moscú Está Helado by Esplendor Geométrico to more obscure songs like the mythical and hard to find Himno by El Humano Marrano. Highly Recommended.

Something else from the press release:
Bongo Joe records is pleased to present La Contra Ola, a compilation recording dedicated to the early 80’s Spanish Synth Wave and Post Punk scene. First to be published outside Spain, this anthology explores the electronic music side of the independent music produced in the days in the Iberian Peninsula: Synthetic pop music with industrial sounds including futurist Art Rock, dance-floor productions and low-fi experiments on cassettes. Classics or true hidden treasures, this selection of nineteen songs is symbolic of the musical dawn that Spain experienced during the decade marked by the return of democracy and by the creative freedom initiated by Punk music.

RIYL: The compilation Interferencias Vol. 1: Spanish Synth Wave 1980-1989, the collection Tension: Spanish Experimental Underground 1980-1985 and the compilation Sombras: Spanish Post-Punk And Dark Pop 1981-1986.

Recommended Tracks: All!

1. (3:43) **** Moscú Está Helado by Esplendor Geométrico – Classic proto industrial recording. Medium-up tempo. Vintage machines, Cold War-era references, sound samples and mechanical voices. From 1980.
2. (2:41) *** Extraños Juegos by Zombies – Medium-up tempo. Post-punk + Art Pop. Solid track. From1980.
3. (3:24) **** Aprenda Alemán En 7 Dias by Derribos Arias – Lo-fi recording with organ toy sounds, dub vocals and a low drum machine beat. Impeccable. Poch forever. From 1983.
4. (4:39) ** Autogas by TodoTodo – Early electro pop. Vintage machines, 1980s modernism. Dance usted. From 1981.
5. (3:31) **** Himno by El Humano Marrano – DIY electro musica. Primitive and underground. Crazy amazing lyrics. The rarest track on the compilation. From 1983.
6. (1:52) ** Gestalt by El Aviador Dro Y Sus Obreros Especializados – Upbeat electro pop recording from the seminal Spanish band. From1980.
7. (6:27) *** Mareâ by La Fura Dels Baus – Experimental upbeat track with weird sounds and vocals. Impressive electronic music and cultural appropriation test. Unforgettable. From 1986.
8. (2:37) *** Cangrejos En La Cocina by Línea Vienesa – Medium tempo electro pop gem. Think Marine Girls meets Inflatable Boy Clams. One of my favorite tracks in the collection. From1981.
9. (3:56) **** Golpe De Amistad by Diseño Corbusier – Wow!!! Electronic dance music here. Upbeat. Minimalist and with arresting female vocals. Just fucking perfect. From 1986.
10. (3:01) * I Doubt by Tres – Electro rock recording. One of the three tracks in English on the compilation. Slow tempo. Nice synth sounds. Dense. From 1982.
11. (5:25) ***** Derribos Arias by A Flúor – One of the classic Derribos Arias singles. Slow start. Amazing build up with crazy vocals, Spanish guitars, electronic sounds and a beat that evolves from minimalist pop to killer electro rock. When Poch ruled the world. From 1982.
12. (2:30) ** La Rebelión De Los Objetos by Zombies – Another solid post-punker here. Medium-up beat. Nice guitars and strange vocals. From 1980.
13. (3:28) **** Meta Metalic by Diseño Corbusier – Impressive electronic experimental pop composition. Minimalist and tasteful. Startling vocals. From 1985.
14. (3:08) ***** La Marca De Anubis by Los Iniciados – Gloomy electro pop recording. Medium tempo. Sick synth riff and sounds. Haunting vocals. Classic piece. From 1982.
15. (2:42) ** China by Lavabos Iturriaga – Post-punk recording. Medium-up tempo. Cultural appropriation + cool synths = early European new wave. Enjoyable female vocals. From 1982.
16. (3:00) **** Nuclear si by El Aviador Dro – Slow tempo recording. Electro pop with great vocals and synths. Classic track. From 1982.
17. (5:55) ** Mao's Children by Ovifornia SCI – Electro pop composition. Upbeat and energetic. Male/female vocals. English lyrics included. From 1981.
18. (5:18) * Jeanette Me Quiere by De Picnic – Electronic dance music here. Infectious beat. Pop music made with synths. From 1985.
19. (3:51) ** Dark Fields by La T – Dense experimental pop with strange sounds and abrupt sonic intervention. Cool vocals. Dark tone. In English. From 1983.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Esplendor Geométrico Moscú Está Helado
2. Zombies Extraños Juegos
3. Derribos Arias Aprenda Alemán En 7 Dias
4. Todotodo Autogas
5. El Humano Marrano Himno
6. El Aviador Dro Y Sus Obreros Especializados Gestalt
7. La Fura Dels Baus Mareâ
8. Línea Vienesa Cangrejos En La Cocina
9. Diseño Corbusier Golpe De Amistad
10. Tres I Doubt
11. Derribos Arias A Flúor
12. Zombies La Rebelión De Los Objetos
13. Diseño Corbusier Meta Metalic
14. Los Iniciados La Marca De Anubis
15. Lavabos Iturriaga China
16. El Aviador Dro Nuclear Si
17. Ovifornia Sci Mao's Children
18. De Picnic Jeanette Me Quiere
19. La T Dark Fields