Tapes And Topographies / Fathoms
Album: Fathoms   Collection:General
Artist:Tapes And Topographies   Added:Feb 2018
Label:Simulacra Records  

Album Review
Reviewed 2020-06-16
If you like ambient drifting away sounding music. All instrumental. FCC Clear. Recommended Tracks: 2, 5, 6, 9

1. Monochrome Frost (5:37) long serene ambient waves, fade out
*2. A Year Of Disappointments (4:50) dreamy underwater cathedral fades into light distortion, abrupt finish
3. The Trouble With Dreams (6:08) aquatic static, wind chimes, alien, fade out
4. Theory Of Impossible Shapes (4:38) starts out low, echo-y then sudden shift to serene almost dream pop
*5. Following The Megahertz (4:12) low distortion, light keys over, fades out with distorted echos
**6. Fathoms (4:49) almost orchestral, outer spacey transitions into something shoe gaze-y
7. Lifted (2:59) cathedral, light electronic guitar along with light organ, serene, fade out
8. Certron 60 (5:17) somber, echo, wavvy
*9. Were It More Luminous (5:48) hopeful, meditation, sky waves

Track Listing
1. Monochrome Frost   5. Following The Megahertz
2. A Year Of Disappointments   6. Fathoms
3. The Trouble With Dreams   7. Lifted
4. Theory Of Impossible Shapes   8. Certron 60
  9. Were It More Luminous