De Augustine, Angelo / Swim Inside The Moon
Album: Swim Inside The Moon   Collection:General
Artist:De Augustine, Angelo   Added:Feb 2018
Label:Asthmatic Kitty Records  

Album Review
Reviewed 2019-05-18
Overall peaceful. Songs tend to follow similar vibe. Good if you like acoustic guitars and whispering vocals and a little light piano here and there. If you like Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, José González. FCC Clear. Recommended Tracks: 3, 5, 7, 9.

1. Truly Gone (3:26) mellow acoustic guitar, soft indie male vocals
2. Haze (3:22) like track 1, but with light piano and more alive
* 3. More Than You Thought to Use (2:44) airy, soft lullaby
4. Crazy, Stoned, and Gone (2:42)
**5. Fade (3:34) somber with a hint of hope
6. On my way Home (4:55) upbeat fingerpicking acoustic
**7. I'll Wait for the Others (2:42) mellow piano + guitar + whispering vocals
8. Dreaming of the moon (2:09) low, sleepy, peaceful
*9. I Hope that all of your dreams come true (2:25) low, gradual build up into a few bright melodies

Track Listing
1. Truly Gone   5. Fade
2. Haze   6. On My Way Home
3. More Than You Thought To Use   7. I'll Wait For The Others
4. Crazy, Stoned, And Gone   8. Dreaming Of The Moon
  9. I Hope That All Of Your Dreams Come True