Slaughter Beach, Dog / Birdie
Album: Birdie   Collection:General
Artist:Slaughter Beach, Dog   Added:Feb 2018
Label:Lame-O Records  

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Pretty O.K.

Album Review
Sam I Am
Reviewed 2018-02-14
Slaughter Beach, Dog – Birdie
Genres covered in the album include Folk, Alt-Country, and Acoustic Pop-punk. Slaughter Beach, Dog is the project of Jake Ewald from Modern Baseball. A relaxing and pleasant listen, though nothing groundbreaking for a singer-songwriter venture. FCC: 5,6(maybe?), 8. RIYL: Kevin Devine, Mac DeMarco, The Mountain Goats, Conor Oberst. Recommended: 1, 3, 6, 10.

1. Phoenix (4:35)* Sad acoustic number with glockenspiel in background, nice vocalization at the end, pretty.
2. Gold And Green (3:07) Bit of a country twang to the instrumentation, more upbeat and happier.
3. Pretty O.K. (3:23)* Acoustic pop-punk song through and through.
4. Bad Beer (3:35) Foot tapping beat, folksy-country feel, lyrics about relationships while on tour.
5. Shapes I Know (4:31) FCC “fuckers”. Organ provides support to simple guitar in intro, bass comes in a bit later. Folk song.
6. Sleepwalking (2:56)** (maybe FCC, is “dick” an FCC?) Folk rock here! Nice to hear some electric instruments, nice blend of acoustic and electric guitar. Closest thing to a Modern Baseball track.
7. Fish Fry (4:36) More blend of electric and acoustic guitar, fun drums but a somber sound overall.
8. Buttercup (4:39) FCC “fuck off” Another slow, sad acoustic track, simple beat comes in halfway.
9. Friend Song (2:16) lo-fi ish effects going on here, drone-y noise, not much going on, a filler track to be skipped.
10. Acolyte (5:16)** Folksy-country, some cool guitar arrangements in the later half, fun whistling at parts and then some “whoo oohs~” later on, one to sing along to. Best track, aside from track 6.

Sam I Am.

Track Listing
1. Phoenix   6. Sleepwalking
2. Gold And Green   7. Fish Fry
3. Pretty O.K.   8. Buttercup
4. Bad Beer   9. Friend Song
5. Shapes I Know   10. Acolyte