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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2018-02-12
Collection released by Girlsville Records out of Chicago. Proceeds of this record go to building a new community self-defense gym in Chicago called Haymaker. This has gotta be the best label I’ve never heard of til now: artists range from ultra primo garage to bent twisted takes on New Wave, psych to electronica, shoe gaze, from Olympia to London, NYC to Cincinnati. Even LA! Most reminds me of low fi mid 80’s bands experimenting with punk, garage, new wave and (fill in the blank) using low fi equipment, cassette quality. John Dwyer (Castle Face Records, Thee Oh Sees) has his hand in at least one of these bands (track 5). With few exceptions we never add label samplers. This is most definitely one. Every track completely awesome, or just skip to the two incredible covers: tracks 4 and 11. Online purchase for 7 bucks is the price of a pint and the best cash you could ever spend. I guarantee it.

1) (1:59) UK Gold – bass driven cool rock 2) (3:27) bouncy fun rockin 3) (2:55) slower, bent, with warped sounding keys, plodding, goes double time, low fi tone 4)** (2:55) ooohh, a huge tone to this smacks of the 80’s and shitfire, it’s a cover of Christine, one of Souxsie and the Banshees most catchy tunes ever! 5) (4:55) sounds very much like Syd era Pink Floyd, John Dwyer is involved with this one, thus continuing his current fascination with all things Barrett 6)** (3:16) bouncy tom tom beat fun, garage punk, female vocals, “punk is dead”, yeah sure… 7) (1:52) No Wave comes to mind for sure, angular sentiments with an English accent and synths 8) (3:28) pretty shoe gazey to start then gets thick, with girl vocals, urgent Siouxsie comes to mind 9)* (3:03) beautiful wash of guitar and cymbals start this, then a super groovy scary horror surf garage ensues 10)* (3:37) super cool searing fuzzed guitar, sexy swinging girls in the garage, smacks of Holly Go Lightly 11)** (2:12) cute sample for intro, then HUGE version of Who Do You Love!!! Whoa holy moly this will cause heart attacks across the bay area 12) (3:00) jangly psych upbeat bounce, reverbed out vocals, smacks heavily of the 60’s 13)* (2:34) low fi garage rock with female vocs, touch, nice, velvets meet stooges 14)* (2:40) big huge killer beat low fi rockin, love it!

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Uk Gold Off Duty Nuns
2. Buzzards, The Tennessee
3. Germ House 7 Into 7
4. Myrmidons, The Christine
5. Damaged Bug Pilot's Pipe
6. Virvon Varvon What Did You Say?
7. Freak Genes He's Unhappy
8. Beastii Summer Of 81
9. Mr And The Mrs Do The Octopus
10. Prissteens, The Stupid Nothing
11. Atomic Suplex Who Do You Love?
12. Bummers Eve Marcus
13. Mr. Airplane Man Believe
14. Germ House Showing Symptoms