Spud Cannon / Next Time Read The Fine Print
Album: Next Time Read The Fine Print   Collection:General
Artist:Spud Cannon   Added:Jan 2018

Album Review
amy cummings
Reviewed 2018-04-16
Slightly punky upbeat band. Self described as “girl power,” “girl pop,” and “sloppykissrock.” Throw on just about any of these tracks. They are all in pretty similar styles so it’ll only take a few tracks to give you a good feel for the whole album. They’ll make you dance in the booth.

RIYL: Bratmobile, Alvvays
Favorites: 2, 3, 7, 11
FCC: 9

1. Gary Oldman Presents Spud Cannon (0:16): Spoken intro. Why??? Kinda funny tho.

*2. Thrum a Drum (2:49): Up tempo, Bouncy and fun. An interesting song about a dude who thinks in colors(?)

*3. Ow Ow Ow (3:14): Med-up tempo fun song about reminiscing on someone from the past, seemingly separated by a long distance. Cool to get an upbeat one of these that isn’t emo!

4. Wipe It Out (2:36): Up tempo. About being a ptty villain doin’ crimes.

5. We’re Going to Be Friends (2:34): Your basic White Stripes cover. Nothing new or special about this one.

6. A Screw Fell from His Head (3:07): Up tempo! Back to fun! About a femme fatale.

*7. Breathe With (3:28): Slower than the others. Sung in a higher register. About looooove.

8. Solar Pyromaniac (3:12): About a kid killing bugs for fun, fresh along the way to sociopathy.

FCC (“fuck”) 9. Midnight (3:15): Uptempo and fun. But it says fuck (as in “wtf”).

10. Bleached (2:11): Upbeat, About habits, routines, life changing.

*11. Daydream (2:37): Also slower, starts a little dreamily/slowly then comes in with some rock chords.

12: The Fine Print (0:31): REWIND SOUNDS. THEN CHAOS! Then applause.

Track Listing
1. Gary Oldman Presents Spud Cannon   7. Breathe With
2. Thrum A Dum   8. Solar Pyromaniac
3. Ow Ow Ow   9. Midnight
4. Wipe It Out   10. Bleached
5. We're Going To Be Friends   11. Daydream
6. A Screw Fell From His Head   12. The Fine Print