Peachtea / N. America
Album: N. America   Collection:General
Artist:Peachtea   Added:Jan 2018
Label:Edith House  

Album Review
amy cummings
Reviewed 2018-04-16
I really enjoyed this album; it’s just like peach tea, refreshing and sweet and just right for the first days of spring when it feels like there’s promise in the air. Fun, mellow music with some light bouncy guitar and male vox. No FCCs detected, play any track off this album.

RIYL: Ducktails, Mac DeMarco
Favorites: 1, 3
FCC: None

***1. “Pt. 1” (1:57): This is my favorite track on this album. It is sweet and simple, it’s about moving internationally(!!!) to hang out with your crush. This is the song where they sing about North America, not sure why they didn’t just name it that…?

2. “Good to Be” (4:13): groovy, upbeat. Starts with a guitar instrumental, eventually kicks in with percussion, vox don’t start until about a minute and a half in.

*3. “New Shoes” (2:44): repetitive, calming song with light drum beat and strummy guitar, gentle vocals.

4. “Rio Bravo” (5:22): Med-up tempo. Sort of incoherent vocals but a nice digestible chorus.

5. “W.I.T.B.L.” (3:15): Slower, moody/mournful. Lost love? Stands for “wishing in the bike lane.” Anyone else starting to get tired of these acronym song titles?

6. “Champagne Sunday” (4:29): Mostly hazy guitar and synth percussion until some blurry vocals come in about halfway through. Kind of pleasantly boring.

Track Listing
1. Pt. 1   4. Rio Bravo
2. Good To Be   5. W.I.T.B.L.
3. New Shoes   6. Champagne Saturday