Adult. / Detroit House Guests
Album: Detroit House Guests   Collection:General
Artist:Adult.   Added:Sep 2017
Label:Mute Records  

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Recent Airplay
1. Mar 03, 2018: Music Casserole
Into The Drum
4. Feb 21, 2018: The Fuzz Deli
Stop (And Start Again)
2. Feb 28, 2018: I Like to Dance: Shake Off Your Pants
We Are A Mirror
5. Feb 21, 2018: I Like to Dance: Shake Off Your Pants
We Chase The Sound
3. Feb 24, 2018: Music Casserole
We Chase The Sound
6. Feb 18, 2018: veggie tales
This Situation

Album Review
DJ Postnatal
Reviewed 2017-12-25
Weirdo funhouse acid trip of a record. Genre...maybe electro drum pad nuttiness? There is something inherently unsettling about every track on this album. Dissonance abounds as well as haunting, intentionally creepy vocals. I think the noise people might appreciate many tracks here. Time to get strange!

RIYL Electric 6, My Robot Friend, Freezepop
FCC clean
Recommended tracks: 5, 7, 8, 10, 11

1. (6:00) Midtempo minimalist modulated drumming, chiming, beeps and boops with noisy female vox.
2. (3:59) Disturbing male and female chanting over an eerily whistling note, getting more and more urgent, ending in a violent crescendo before petering out.
3. (5:58) The soundtrack to a creepy video-game assembly line tooting along with a computerized pipe organ. Hypnotic female vox punctuated by shrieking, extreme vocal fry, and ghosts trying to sing opera.
4. (5:03) Something danceable, but repetitive. Gritty male vox and monotonous female response. Electro zoops and zaps.
5. (5:41) Head-bobbing uptempo staccato synthy bleeps and bloops with the usual ominous lyrics, voices switching from left to right stereo.
6. (5:02) Begins and ends with brain-churning static, then continues as a midtempo dissonant sound collage of moaning and groaning over a bouncy synth beat.
7. (6:15) Computer beat gone wrong with mad-scientist vocals, with heavy breathing giving me life. Upbeat and amazing, despite its repetitiveness.
8. (3:48) "Here be monsters!" lyric heralds an almost kidsong-like feel, which eventually gets more sinister, of course. Could be a song off of Weebls Stuff (is that still a thing?).
9. (3:45) Lamentable female vox over a minimalist repeating synth line. If you like jarring things without beats, this is for you.
10. (3:18) The funhouse soundtrack song. Lose yourself in a churning beat while Alice in Wonderland-style lyrics take you on an adventure.
11. (8:20) A long one. Ambient noises of the city with monotonous monologues assaulting the left and right stereo individually. After ~2:30, dissonance abounds. Then, a change in tempo around 5:00 and return to the monologues.
12. (4:23) A Hare Krishna-esque swirling into another dimension. Chanting, almost like a spacey Animal Collective track.

Track Listing
1. P Rts M Ss Ng   7. We Chase The Sound
2. Breathe On   8. They're Just Words
3. Into The Drum   9. Inexhaustible
4. We Are A Mirror   10. Stop (And Start Again)
5. Enter The Fray   11. This Situation
6. Uncomfortable Positions   12. As You Dream