Avey Tare / Eucalyptus
Album: Eucalyptus   Collection:General
Artist:Avey Tare   Added:Jul 2017
Label:Domino Recording Company  

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Season High
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Album Review
Reviewed 2017-09-27
Avey Tare/Eucalyptus. Dreamy, experimental pop – similar to most of Avey Tare’s older music. The Animal Collective front man’s third full album is driven primarily by acoustic guitar and pastoral-sounding synth. Similarly as he does at times with Animal Collective he often distorts his voice in many of the songs. Many songs are quite slow, so it may not be the best radio music unless that’s what you’re aiming for. Obviously sounds relatively similar to both Animal Collective and Panda Bear. Try 1, 3, 9, 2, 10

1)**(5:47) Calm opening. Acoustic guitar with synth layered in background drives song. Has quite a dreamy, spacey sound, 2)*(5:06) Distorted synth chiming in background with Avey’s classic mumbling over for most of song. Drums work in at points throughout. Quite pretty, but not most radio friendly, 3)**(5:31) Slightly more upbeat, fast pace from beginning with acoustic and bass guitars. Soft drums in background. Slows down midway through song to speed back up later, 4)(1:43) Random, dissonant drumming noises with distorted clips of Avey speaking at points, 5)(1:51) Bells chiming in background with distorted synth playing throughout song. Vocal harmonies come in midway through, 6)(3:46) Almost sitar sounding guitar that abruptly stops and starts in accordance with his voice. Upbeat chorus with more instruments that flood in. Sitar stops ultimately and drums come in to drive song, 7)(3:11) Opening sounds like the iconic Australian outback noises. Guitar and gritty background noises come in with Avey’s mumbling as Australian sound fades, 8)(4:12) Opens with flowing, dreamy acoustic guitar and high-pitched singing. Sounds like you’re running through a field. Other vocal murmurings come in over later in song, 9)**(3:04) Very pretty, sad song with acoustic guitar and vocals. Dissonant synth comes into background later in song, 10)*(6:06) Acoustic guitar with ominous sounding synth lurking in background. Synth fades out and guitar and lyrics speed up. Slows down again as guitar fades and synth comes in, 11)(2:15) Skirting synth flows up and down as Avey sings over it. Pretty song, 12)(2:45) Sounds more like an Animal Collective song with faster pace and more relevant instruments. Sounds like tap dancing midway through song as instruments drop out and then start to slowly build up again, 13)(8:02) Very slow song with occasional synth that is accompanied by vocals. Picks up as strings chime in, but slows back down again. Voice recording of someone speaking comes in later, 14)(4:46) Slow to open, but picks up midway through song as acoustic guitar comes in over synth. Call and response vocals come in later, 15)(4:11) Slightly country sounding song with acoustic guitar driving song and howling synth in background.

Track Listing
1. Season High   8. Pj
2. Melody Unfair   9. In Pieces
3. Ms. Secret   10. Selection Of A Place
4. Lunch Out Of Order Pt. 1   11. Boat Race
5. Lunch Out Of Order Pt. 2   12. Roamer
6. Jackson 5   13. Coral Lords
7. Dr Aw One For J   14. Sports In July
  15. When You Left Me