Oeil Cube / Oeil Cube
Album: Oeil Cube   Collection:General
Artist:Oeil Cube   Added:Jun 2017
Label:Versatile Records  

Album Review
Dru Deep
Reviewed 2017-06-23
Oeil Cube: Oeil Cube Label: Versatile

Oeil Cube (a.k.a. I:Cube as Oeil is French for "eye") is a Parisian DJ/producer who does some fantastic stuff but his releases are few & far between. This latest release on French label Versatile features some house, some disco, and some simply blissful synth-rich tracks. "Disk One" (#1) is the biggest dancefloor house banger, but you can easily get yourself lost in listening to all the other tracks. Another fun one is "Disk Two" (#4) which is some great future-disco.

1. "Disk One" (5:39): Wonderful start to this EP. Pumping dancefloor house with catchy synth hooks and perfectly timed breaks that lead into some intense tonal buildups. The breakdowns are equally as good. Some exotic sounding vocal chorus snippets thrown in.
2. "Lost Flute" (5:16): Relaxed and blissed out track. Gentle synth tones and washes. A beat that carries you and lets you float along with a flute melody.
3. "XXXX" (2:02): Sexy little interlude (intentionally named with 4 X's, as though it was for a scene in an adult film). Warm and lovely though, you can't help but to like it.
4. "Disk Two" (6:29): Straight-up disco groover. Great bassline and some funky guitar too, with classic 4/4 disco rhythm, beats & hi-hats. Synths shimmering like disco balls, and all sorts of neat futuristic effects.
5. "Pistache" (5:50): Blissful spacey warmth. Multiple layers of synths wrap around you lift you up.

Track Listing
1. Disk One   3. Xxxx
2. Lost Flute   4. Disk Two
  5. Pistache