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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jun 2017
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Album Review
Dru Deep
Reviewed 2017-06-23
COLL: Dollydeluxe4 Label : Dolly

The fourth in a series of wonderful EPs by German-based label Dolly Records. This EP closes out the fine series with some great abstract experimental techno breaks, with a heavy emphasis on the electro-funk. Of the four Dollydeluxe EPs, this one has the most punch. I liked (#1) Afik Naim's "Saturniidae" and (#3) Mesak's "Elekieli".

1. Naim, Afik - "Saturniidae" (5:08) -
Huge electro by Jerusalem's Afik Naim! Nasty bass-heavyn drops with a spacey synth and trippy little effects. Tweaky edgy vibe. Not afraid to grind and tweak.
2. Dexter & Virginia - "Off The Beat" (4:42) -
Weird and goofy. Nervous little synth twitches, some female vocals, edgy bass grinds. Makes you feel strange throughout. But still entertaining.
3. Mesak - "Elekieli" (5:34) -
Massive crashing beats, kept together with a nice warm synth echoing about. Some neat little sci-fi effects.
4. Privacy - "Broke" (4:46) -
Ghetto-tech breaks? Hip-hop sample looped over straight-up breaks with claps & snares. Snappy and funky.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Saturniidae Naim, Afik
2. Off The Beat Dexter & Virginia
3. Elekieli Mesak
4. Broke Privacy