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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jun 2017
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Album Review
Dru Deep
Reviewed 2017-06-23
COLL: Dollydeluxe3 Label : Dolly

The third in a series of wonderful EPs by German-based label Dolly Records. Like the first two collections, this is a collection of interesting abstract & experimental techno breaks. This EP, however, goes into serious electro-funk territory. Highly entertaining and playful material that you can literally breakdance to. I enjoyed them all, but (#1) "Voidfiller" by Duplex, and serious 80s throwback (#2) "Poison Valley" by Late Night Approach win.

1. Duplex - "Voidfiller" (5:09) -
Fun! Choppy broken-beat electro-breaks featuring some of the most cheerful and snappy synth bubbling ever recorded. Playful and groovy stuff.
2. Late Night Approach - "Poison Valley" (5:19) -
Throwback to serious breakdance freestyle material from the 80s - The melody is lifted straight out of Debbie Deb's "Look Out Weekend" circa 1984. Fierce.
3. Mesak - "Commonaukko" (5:39) -
Weird and wack spaced-out electro-funk. Kooky little synths and trippy electronic effects over a stripped-down breakbeat. Light and entertaining.
4. UAS - "World Gets Crazy" (4:48) -
Pumpin' electro-breakbeats. This is probably the most energetic of the 4 tracks, and has a goofy, almost comical energy.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Duplex Voidfiller
2. Late Night Approach Poison Valley
3. Mesak Commonaukko
4. Uas World Gets Crazy