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Album Review
Dru Deep
Reviewed 2017-06-23
COLL: Dollydeluxe1 Label : Dolly

The first in a series of wonderful EPs by German-based label Dolly Records. Stellar material that features abstract and experimental techno & breaks. This EP starts by establishing the style for the next 3 EPs, starting with broken-beat techno and spacey synths. All are rather listenable and thought-provoking. I was a big fan of (#1) Dom & Dekyer's "No Life on the Surface" and (#5) "Freedom" by Unbalance. But try them all!

1. Doms & Dekyers - "No Life On The Surface (12" Version)" (6:40) -
Ethereal spacey broken-beat techno with lush synths, a low droning bass grind, and all sorts of organic sounds & effects. Catchy little synth melody bubbling at points. Lovely.
2. L.U.C.A. - "Echo 1" (2:35) -
A gentle ambient track with lush synths and samples of NASA space-craft communications.
3. STFSHD - "1.0" (5:27) -
Chopped-up stripped-down broken-beat techno. Crispy crunchy beats and rough grinds, matched with occasional warm synth shimmers.
4. STFSHD - "1.0" (4:29) -
Similar to "1.0" above, broken-beat spacey techno but even more chilled out and stripped. Gentle and thoughtful.
5. Unbalance - "Freedom" (5:53) -
Lovely. Bouncey broken-beat minimal techno with atmospheric synths and a groovy little vocal sample echoing. Warm synth washes.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Doms & Deykers No Life On The Surface
2. L.U.C.A. Echo 1
3. Stfshd 1.0
4. Stfshd 1.5
5. Unbalance Freedom