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Album Review
Reviewed 2017-05-29

Overview: Out of Portland, Oregon - Eyelids is a duo that includes John Moen and Chris Slusarenko who describe their songs as “sweet melodies” paired with “bummer vibes”. Dream pop sounds of the ‘80s predominate in this nuanced, minimalist effort. This album was produced by Peter Buck of R.E.M. and it really shows.

Influences/similar bands: Heavy REM and Smithereens vibe with a dash of many other ‘80s pop bands thrown into the mix; other songs venture into an almost country feel ala Chris Isaak.

Favorite Tracks: 7, 5, 2 (*)
1. Slow It Goes - Jangly guitar laden tune with light male harmonizing vocals and straight-forward percussion; upbeat with a feel-good vibe.
2. *Camelot – More light jangly guitar with high male vocals; a head-bobbing pop tune.
3. Falling Eyes – Slower beat with similar guitar feel and drums as 1 and 2; ethereal interlude breaks into anthem-like outro.
4. Tell Me You Know – More solemn feel to this one; venturing on Chris Isaak territory here; some falsetto vocals and slow droning guitars; good for driving on a dark two-lane highway late at night (watch out for skunks).
5. ** My Caved In Mind – Drums and watery guitar starts this one off with an upbeat vibe; airy vocals and a bit of back-up crunchy guitar keep this one driving on; guitar fade out.
6. Ghost Ghost Ghost – Plunking guitars and vocals start off; bass is more prevalent; more introspective; slower pace .
7. *** 23 (Years) – This one come on with a darker feel; grungy back up guitar/bass riff underlies a twangy lead; swerves in and out of a more upbeat tempo and feel (with pulsing drum and harmonizing vocals) and then back to the original melancholy vibe; I quite enjoy this track!
8. (I Will) Leave With You – Acoustic guitar starts off followed by vocals and twangy/chrunchy electric guitar; bass and drums drive the chorus with violin (and maybe cello?) lending some texture; fades out.
9. Don't (Please) Come Around Here – watery guitars lead off and head into straightforward 80s pop groove; very danceable beat with one break two-thirds of the way in; ends with fade out of guitar chord.
10. Moony – High guitar riffs start off; halting drums and vocals provide a low-key, slower groove;
11. You Know I Gotta Reason – Drums are forward in this track; simple guitar riff and vocals follow each other through the song; medium tempo with some tambourine; becomes more chaotic in the last minute with a bit of feedback.
12. Furthest Blue – Crunchy guitar and driving drums kick off and keep the beat going; a short head-bobbing pop tune to end the album.

Track Listing
1. Slow It Goes   7. 23 (Years)
2. Camelot   8. (I Will) Leave With You
3. Falling Eyes   9. Don't (Please) Come Around Here
4. Tell Me You Know   10. Moony
5. My Caved In Mind   11. You Know I Gotta Reason
6. Ghost Ghost Ghost   12. Furthest Blue