Ak'chamel / Transmissions From Boshqa
Album: Transmissions From Boshqa   Collection:General
Artist:Ak'chamel   Added:Apr 2017

Album Review
Reviewed 2017-04-18
Ak’chamel/Transmissions from Boshqa. Experimental acoustic lo-fi with a shadowy twist. Lots of sitar and sounds of the far east that make the album unique. At times the songs are chill and laid back, but then they’ll transform to sound like aliens are abducting people or spirits are whispering and hovering above you. Some of the more tame songs sound a bit like more experimental Flaming Lips stuff. Ak’chamel seems to take pride in the unpredictability and ominousness of his music as he describes some of it as a “tumor in your brain.” Most songs are listenable, while only one or two are really catchy. FCC clean. Try 2,6,7,11.

1)(2:15) Sitar played over same driving drum beat, 2)**(2:10) Super chill, groovy beat with combo of sitar and synth, 3)(3:10) Grinding guitar throughout song with drum that builds, 4)(5:26) Sounds as though it would be played as build up to some pagan sacrifice or something. 5)(4:18) Synth with cool flute accompanied by ghostly hums in the background, 6)*(4:45) Nice guitar riff throughout first half that transforms into different, more laid back guitar in second half, 7)**(3:03) Cool drumbeat with relaxed, up and down, guitar that comes in over, 8)(1:00) Super short, sitar song with murmurings in background, 9)(3:11) Strange alien noises in background over one guitar riff with simple drumming. Song really ends with 30 seconds left, 10)(1:29) Opens with scratchy noises and then super fast sitar comes in. One of the more dancy songs (if it’s possible to dance to this music??), 11)*(3:55) Sounds like spirits whispering in beginning, then fast acoustic guitar enters, 12)(3:45) More classic rock. Guitar riff that builds with solo later. Really ends with 20 seconds left, 13) (2:15) Begins just like #2, but slows down midway.

Track Listing
1. Transmissions From Boshqa   7. Bhairvi
2. Amazonica Exotica   8. The Meteorites Conjure A Prophetic Overseer
3. Bullet Ant Initiation   9. Processional Of Mauka
4. Latent Defilements Session   10. Bhataka Bhuta
5. Apparaitions   11. Spirit Radio
6. Ancestral Incest   12. Tarot Will Teach You
  13. Amazonica (Ak'oustic Version)