Thatmanmonkz / Shade Throw
Album: Shade Throw   Collection:General
Artist:Thatmanmonkz   Added:Apr 2017
Label:Dirt Crew Recordings  

Album Review
Dru Deep
Reviewed 2017-04-07
Thatmanmonkz: Shade Throw Label: Dirt Crew

Berlin-based Dirt Crew does it again, with a great house release by Thatmanmonkz. Thatmanmonkz is excellent at throwing together some soulful and jazzy jams featuring all sorts of instruments that stand out: piano, sax & various horns, and even an electric guitar. The tracks are warm, fun, playful, thoughtful, and all well-composed. I think the best three tracks are "Intrinsic Divine" (#2), "Manna for Poppa" (#1), and "Space Jam 2017" (#3).

1. "Manna for Poppa" (7:30): Funky bassline, happy piano loops, some funky sax improvisation thrown in at various points, a fun and jazzy house slammer. Great fun for a club groove. The jazzy sax licks are excellent.
2. "Intrinsic Divine" (6:15): Wonderful soulful tinge to this track; the piano melody gives off that melancholy feel with some wonderful synth choruses added to it. The horns are great too. It's a bit sad but at the same time it's warm and holds you in.
3. "Space Jam 2017 feat. Clyde Phalanx" (6:44): Warm synth ambience and a great electric guitar jam improv over most of this track. Deep-house beats. This is great. Lovely and fun, and very warm. I don't think this track refers to that cheesy Michael Jordan film "Space Jam", but it is a lot of fun.
4. "Evolver (Original Mix)": (5:17): Soulful vocals laying out a great groove over a bunch of bongo-drum patterns. Nice synths. Cool style.

Track Listing
1. Manna For Poppa   3. Space Jam 2017 Feat. Clyde Phalanx
2. Intrinsic Divine   4. Evolver (Original Mix)