Stl / Sensing Fly-By Chances
Album: Sensing Fly-By Chances   Collection:General
Artist:Stl   Added:Apr 2017
Label:Smallville Records  

Album Review
Dru Deep
Reviewed 2017-04-07
STL: Sensing Fly-By Chances Smallville Records

This is a very interesting EP by STL which definitely goes into the area of abstract electronica. Hard to describe what his style is, because there really isn't any. But that's a really good thing, so major kudos for STL for releasing these interesting tracks. There is a lot of vintage-style electronics here that I heard, for the true historians of electronic music you'd hear styles of Cabaret Voltaire and Kraftwerk in here. All three tracks are very listenable, but not necessarily dancefloor material. Try them all.

1. "Thing in the Mirraw" (7:15): Disturbingly dark wah-wah melody over a crunchy beat. Strangely funky, definitely gets in your head.
2. "Fade the Sun" (7:52): A much more abstract piece - with retro-style synths and all sorts of dark twitchy sounds, a sinister ambience, and a beat that goes in & out. This recalls early Kraftwerk and Cabaret Voltaire.
3. "PsiFy Robot" (11:31): Nervous & edgy down-beat techno abstraction. A long track that wanders into strange electronic territories. A twitchy little electro flutter ties this track together. Very interesting to listen to.

Track Listing
1. Thing In The Mirraw   2. Fade The Sun
  3. Psify Robot