Ibrahim, Abdullah / Ancient Africa
Album: Ancient Africa   Collection:Jazz
Artist:Ibrahim, Abdullah   Added:Mar 2017
Label:Sackville Recordings  

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Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2017-03-31
Label: Sackville
Genre: Jazz
FCCs: none

Review: originally released in '73, this is a set of sprawling lengthy solos of constant improvisation covering a variety of styles in one outing. The artist, formerly known as Dollar Brand, demonstrates true mastery while breaking new ground, predating Keith Jarrett's Koln Concerts. The first two tracks contain 3 parts, but each flows into the other. The bio on the inside cover is fascinating.
If You Like: Keith Jarrett, Thelonious Monk, Earl Hines, Professor Longhair
Favorite Tracks: (2) The Aloe and The Wild Rose (3) Cherry/Bra Joe from Kilamanjaro
Track Review: 1/(19:28) midtempo start, increases in intensity> chanting vocals> melodies & tempos shift> slow fade & one note 2/(13:19) slow tempo intro, builds to uptempo & slows again> morphs into uptempo intense boogie & slows to end 3/(21:13) uptempo Americana start, New Orleans feel> chanting> slows to stately march and then swings into an uptempo off-kilter boogie & free jazz improv, then slows to fade 4/(9:08) (bonus track) slow bamboo flute solo with chant> slow fade

Track Listing
1. Ancient Africa   3. Cherry/ Bra Joe From Kilimanjaro
2. The Aloe And The Wild Rose   4. Khotso