Big Business / Command Your Weather
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Artist:Big Business   Added:Mar 2017
Label:Joyful Noise  

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Album Review
DJ Stace
Reviewed 2017-03-21
Big Business / Command Your Weather
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings

DJ Stace Reviewed: 3-14-2017

It's like a Melvins album, between Melvins albums. Actually, these guys are in the Melvins, now, which makes sense. Imagine prog rock had a child with Black Sabbath. Competent, if a bit uninspiring, musicianship played at 11.

1. Last Legs 01:19
Intro to track 2 if you want to jarr someone out of their seat. Just over a minute of some stoner playing the giant wind chimes on your grandmother's front porch until the next track rips the railing off the porch and starts smashing everything in sight...

2. Regulars 04:27 ***
First real track starts off in territory pretty familiar for Melvins fans. Driving beat and thundering, soaring guitar work with wailing vocals that characterize this bands sound. A favorite on this album. You'll want to play this over an over.

3. Father's Day 03:52
Tight-knit guitar, drum and bass, a la Melvins. More thunderous wall of sound. Body blows built for bong hits.

4. Blacker Holes 03:15
Drummer showing off some Neil Pert chops with the bells, here. Driving beat and wall of sound guitar work. More of the same formula that will please Melvins fans, but won't win any new ones.

5. Popular Demand 07:00 *
A bit tinny sounding tribal back beat, here. Reminds me of Foetus, maybe. Not as bass-laden as other parts of the album. Guitars crawl and slither in and out of the beat.

6. Own Throats 04:31
More typical Melvinsy style chaos from the rhythm section and the distinctive soaring vocals. Channeling some Ozzy in the vocals, here, maybe.

7. Send Help 03:58 **
Glockenspiel, cymbal, and bells with some weird pseudo-orchestration accompaniment. Compared to the rest of the album, it's very nearly a Capella. Lyrically better than most of the rest of the album. Actually that's probably just because the lyrics are intelligible.

8. Diagnostic Front 02:57
Right back to the sludge. This one reminds me a bit of Fudge Tunnel. Definitely showing the Prog Rock/Sabbath thing, here.

9. Horses 07:16 **
More stoner on the porch with he giant wind chimes. This time with slow sludgy epic stoner riffs. Big, crashy ending to what is essentially a slightly below average Melvins album.

Track Listing
1. Last Legs   5. Popular Demand
2. Regulars   6. Own Throats
3. Father's Day   7. Send Help
4. Blacker Holes   8. Diagnostic Front
  9. Horses