Sharp, Elliot & Steve Buscemi / Rub Out The Word
Album: Rub Out The Word   Collection:General
Artist:Sharp, Elliot & Steve Buscemi   Added:Dec 2016
Label:Infrequent Seams  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2017-01-13
Genres: Spoken Word, Beat Literature

FCCs (!): tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
1. 1:54 shit / 3:05 to 3:11 ejaculates wet dreaming into a thousand cunts pink and smooth as seashells / 4:06 to 4:10 the long erection that strangles a sleeping enemy / 11:21 to 11:31 asshole, shit, cock
2. 1:17 to 1:27 balls, shit / 1:48 ass, condoms / 2:51 spare ass Annie, ass hole / 4:13 fish cunt / 6:53 bullshitter
3. 2:31 shitspotter / 3:43 shit / 3:54 shit / 5:23 shit / 12:14 ass hole / 12:39, 12:45 ass / 13:05 ass hole / 13:36 ass hole / 13:49 shit / 14:21 ass hole / 15:03 fuck
4. 2:39, 2:44 “gooks” / 3:00 shit / 2:24 shit
5. 1:01 snatch / 3:06 fucking / 4:36 fucking / 6:51 shitville / 6:59 shit / 9:11 to 9:13 wet dream, spontaneous orgasm

Overview (see Infrequent Streams website: Actor Steve Buscemi and composer/multi-instrumentalist Elliott Sharp collaborate in a performance of collaged sounds and spoken texts by William S. Burroughs. This was part of New York’s month-long celebration for the 100th anniversary of Burroughs birth. Many themes are repeated throughout the tracks and include addiction, the word as virus, and the written word as the critical difference between humans and animals that do not write. It also has dystopic stories about human monsters and surgeries with no medical purpose.

Favorite Tracks: 6

Tracks: Favorites *
1. (FCCs!) The Right Spells (11:59) FCCs at 1:54, 3:05 to 3:11, 4:06 to 4:10, 11:26, 11:30 A meditation on writing, addiction; dystopic medical practices and torture; if you wish to annihilate junk, take out the addicts; when there are no more addicts to buy junk, there will be no more junk traffic; acknowledging his homosexuality; the study of thinking machines; no break to next reading (they are related).
2. (FCCs!) The Human Virus (10:03) Torture “the switchboard”; the human virus; town of monsters; moves to discussion of writers; returns to discussion of “junk”; the word is a virus; try to achieve even 10 seconds of inner silence.
3. (FCCs!) The Writer (15:42) evil is a virus; most of the trouble in the world is caused by people who can’t mind their own business because they have no business to mind; victimless crimes should be removed from the books; like drug use and private sexual behavior; a man taught his asshole to talk; break before next track.
4. (FCCs!) Rub Out The Word (12:45) virus and host; synthetic genes; “I rub out all the words”; animals cannot write; writing is the critical distinction between humans and animals; the written word is a virus that made spoken word possible; all viruses are evolving to a state of wholly benign symbiosis; the word virus is itself such a virus; no break to next track.
5. (FCCs!) The Word Was Flesh (10:02) The word is god; a surgery takes place; it has no medical value; addiction and self-image; insulated when on “junk”; withdrawal sickness.
6. * Taking The Virus (06:33) [[This one is FCC clean, but I’d recommend listening to it before playing on the air]] Animals do not write; this is the crucial difference between humans and animals; humans can take information to other humans over time; lots of whispering; the word is a virus in stable symbiosis with the host; gets louder; monolog stops at 5:16; applause for the last 30 seconds.

Track Listing
1. The Right Spells   4. Rub Out The Word
2. The Human Virus   5. The Word Was Flesh
3. The Writer   6. Taking The Virus