Danny Brown / Atrocity Exhibition
Album: Atrocity Exhibition   Collection:Hip-hop
Artist:Danny Brown   Added:Nov 2016
Label:Warp Records  

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Get Hi (Feat. B-Real)
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Tell Me What I Don't Know
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Tell Me What I Don't Know
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Tell Me What I Don't Know

Album Review
lionel hutz
Reviewed 2016-11-08

The last one might've been called "Old", but artistically, this is the most grown-man thing Danny Brown's ever done, and it's still some totally catchy wild-out shit. Production is varied but cohesive (as are the guest appearances), and Danny Brown really shows some range as a rapper while staying very much himself. As he said in an interview, he loves stuff that intrigues you on first listen but which really gets better on later listens, and this is definitely that sort of album (though it's got a few good singles too).

RIYL: El-P, Run The Jewels, Odd Future, Ghostface, old Three 6 Mafia/Hypnotize Minds, Esham

FCC Clean! (we got a radio version)

1. strung out hotel room antics. vox stuck in loopy guitar puddles. languid everything, trying to get out of the muck, sparse clattering drums. 2:57
2. rising 70's moog lines (very boards of canada), quiet confident raps describing surrounding past turmoil. drums stutter in midway and the whole thing gets its stride, vox stay low-key. synth tones steadily get more insistent throughout. 2:35
3. slow funky atmospheric bassline and cowbell and backup vox from petite noir, uncertain bouncing raps ricochet around wide-open spaces. nice echoey coda from petite noir. 3:48
4. beat sounds like a tense christmas-time blunt ride, all bells and rough low-end. danny sets the stage and then gets out of the way for his friends. kendrick reprises that "no more parties in LA" flow and earl closes it out with dextrous-but-casually-conversational style. 5:23
5. beat like old school RZA (on a couple caps and stems), horn smears and ghostly oohs/ahs, flows elastic but on time. 2:09
6. urgent-but-halting 70's foot chase beat, lurid horn stabs, danny's flow keeps up with it but stays calm and plays the cool anchor to the frantic instrumental. 3:00
7. still upbeat, but more carnival-like. vocals occasionally double-tracked and echoed against each other, vox get just a bit frayed at the end of some lines. guitar flourishes trade with more steady driving bass led sections, vox bouncing around in the spaces in the beat. dissolves at end. 2:25
8. shimmering/rising/halting synths, then acoustic drum loops tumble in. stop/start cadence accenting puddles of keys, drums slink away at the end. 2:24
9. spooky synth streaks, echoed prayer bells, slow forceful chanted hook. factory floor snares and loping kicks. beat continually shifting between percussionless atmospherics and clattering overload, brown slipping in and out of the fog (but by no means lost in it). super-weird, super-catchy, production by evian christ. depraved and fun as hell. 3:42
10. manic rock guitar and gospel loops, crunchy post-punk bass. hectic flows, rile-up-the-crowd party chants, p-funk allusions. 2:41
11. sparse drums, squelchy chill bass blurts, subtle rhythm guitar licks, atmospheric pads, female backup vox (wordless fragments then sung lines). chill but steady lines from brown, laid back but keeping up. 2:22
12. slowly rising noise gives way to rapid build-up of uptempo juke/footwork influenced beat. bouncing all over the beat, frantic but steady, provides intricate narration and musical accompaniment. kicks and more atmosphere come in on the hook and it's a steady-enough not-quite four-on-the-floor banger that holds itself back just a bit when it gets more verse-like. punchy techno-rap masterpiece. 3:20
13. shadowy rhythmic pulse, lo-fi synth strings and winds, quick flows slowly ratchet up the intensity, even as the beat thins out a bit in the middle, gets damn near minimalist before it fills out again towards the end. 3:09
14. rich midrange atmospherics and echoed brushed drums, classic enraptured/paraniod weed-rap, bouncing over the beat. b-real and some high-pitched distorted vocal samples on the hook. a variety of synth flourishes make brief appearances. cloud rap 2.0. 3:34
15. echoed piano loops, determined vox hold down the rhythm till crunchy heavy electronic drums come in after the first verse. drums clean up and get complemented by low rich analog bassline after first hook. low rhythmic sounds continue to morph throughout. resignation about music industry bullshit, hope about making dope tracks. a fresh take on the triumphant closer. 3:50

recommended: 12, 9, 4, 3, 14, 5, any

Track Listing
1. Downward Spiral   8. White Lines
2. Tell Me What I Don't Know   9. Pneumonia
3. Rolling Stone (Feat. Petite Noir)   10. Dance In The Water
4. Really Doe (Feat. Ab-Soul, Earl Sweatshirt, Kendrick Lamar)   11. From The Ground (Feat. Kelela)
5. Lost   12. When It Rain
6. Ain't It Funny   13. Today
7. Golddust   14. Get Hi (Feat. B-Real)
  15. Hell For It