Various Artists / Radiating Light: Orchid Tapes & Friends
Album: Radiating Light: Orchid Tapes & Friends   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 2016
Label:Orchid Tapes  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2016-10-28
– General Description: Fine for play for random shows - but no real music here to use as a jumping off point for a show with focus. No attempt is made to have the lyrics discernible. All songs sound the same musically. The vocalists rely heavily on electronic distortion so they end up having no distinctive voices of their own. Whispery, soft and slightly shifting intonation into a microphone is repetitive and boring. These are all quick little pieces that seem to be just throw aways.

– FCC Compliant: YES
– Recommended Tracks: 1, 6, 7, 11, 14
– Track Reviews:

1. **(3:34) Memories - (Soccer Mommy) perky and upbeat, no vocals
2. (2:29) Few Hours Later - (Katie Dey) can’t make up its mind what it is; sliding unpleasant static sounds
3. (3:22) Teach You - (Emily Reo & Yohuna) moderate pace, fuzzy female vocals that go nowhere
4. (2:48) Layette [slow version] - (Benoît Pioulard) light and breezy, two fuzzy male vocals lines
5. (2:22) Mad - (R.L. Kelly) lots of eee’s; basically harmless
6. **(2:37) Weird Honey - (Owen Pallett & Foxes in Fiction) in a cave with staccato strings; more fuzzy echoey vocals
7. **(2:52) July 27 2015 - (Alex G) upbeat popping bass with whistle-like motive above, no vocals
8. (2:43) It's Love - (Ricky Eat Acid & Blithe Field) sounds like babies trapped in a bottle and crying; creepy
9. (2:12) Decline - (Ghost Orchard) fuzzy male vocals; drab static noise
10. (4:15) Extinguisher - (Foxes in Fiction) dreamy with fuzzy male vocals and lots of reverb
11. **(2:31) Mirror - (Infinity Crush) easy and sad song of loss; whispery female vocals w/harmony
12. (3:03) Push - (Fog Lake & Home Alone) another sad song of loss; whispery female vocals
13. (3:00) Geese Outside - (Yohuna) dreamy and echoey; light
14. **(5:39) Tieras [digital only] - (Blithe Field) spooky, but in a fun way, gets repetitive though

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Soccer Mommy Memories
2. Katie Dey Few Hours Later
3. Emily Reo & Yohuna Teach You
4. BenoîT Pioulard Layette [Slow Version]
5. R.L. Kelly Mad
6. Owen Pallett & Foxes In Fiction Weird Honey
7. Alex G July 27 2015
8. Ricky Eat Acid & Blithe Field It's Love
9. Ghost Orchard Decline
10. Foxes In Fiction Extinguisher
11. Infinity Crush Mirror
12. Fog Lake & Home Alone Push
13. Yohuna Geese Outside
14. Blithe Field Tieras [Digital Only]