Los Tres Amigos-Snuviko / Three Friends From Where The Clouds Descend, The
Album: Three Friends From Where The Clouds Descend, The   Collection:World
Artist:Los Tres Amigos-Snuviko   Added:Aug 2016
Label:Little Village Foundation  

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Nchi Cu Nchi Ncuu
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Yaa Snuviko
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Aa Nticushi
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Yaa Ncui Tzi Ntivau
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Nchi Cu Nchi Ncuu, Amigos Intro

Album Review
Reviewed 2016-08-16

Snuviko is group of three friends from San Juan Mixtec, Oaxaca, living in Santa Maria, California. They don’t speak English or Spanish, but Mixtec, a tonal language by the ethnic Mixtec groups. This is a collection of traditional Mixtec songs, all instrumental, and each song metaphorically captures concepts such as friendship, honestly, deceit, betrayal, family, marriage, etc. The Mixtecs refer to themselves as the Ñuù savi, or the people of the clouds.

Favorites tracks: 2, 3, 10, 14, 17

1.(0:30) Amigos Intro- 30 second voice only self-introduction by the in the Mixtec language, a tonal language, and mixed in with some Spanish words! Sends greetings to all the Mixtec people.
2.**(3:02) Nchi Cu Nchi Ncuu- Traditional Mixtec wedding song. Guitar with violin. Cheerful, folk feelings. Reminds me of Mixtec village I stayed in Oaxaca, Mexico, during its festivals.
3.**(4:13) Yaa Snuviko- Upbeat, cheerfully nostalgic! This track talks about the artist’s hometown, San Juan Mixtepec, of the “people of the clouds”
4.(2:37) Yaa Co’o- This track is played for the celebration first meal of the newly weds! Welcome to the new family feeling.
5.(2:29) Yaa Sai- Cheerful, makes you want to get up and dance! Celebrates the first dance of the new couple.
6.(2:10)Yaa Sata- Chirpy, playful dance! Deep guitars in background.
7.(4:11) Yaa Nticushi- “Nticushi” means coyote. This is a song that compares men to the trickster nature of a coyote. Ah, the realities of life!
8.(2:35) Lipi Sconce- Song about a bachelor. Cheerfully apathetic.
9.(4:27) Ya Sii- A song you would play at festivals. Not so slow, not so fast, perfect for during the fiesta when food is served, before the night gets crazy!
10.*(4:38) Ya Litzy Nu Coo- A bit slow paced. An alternative approach to life, finding solace within oneself, but perhaps rejected by society?
11.(4:05) Yaa Litzy Titangu- “Titangu” means owl in Mixtec. This song about how an egoistic owl has no respect for itself and others.
12.(2:40) Yaa Atzantee- Dedicated to the rabbit, the wisest animal in Mixtec mythology.
13.(4:53) Yaa Sii II- Cheerful dance music.
14.**(1:23) Yaa Suku Tuyutu- Somewhat discordinant at first but slowly evokes a mystical feeling. A song about traditions and traditional medicine.
15.(3:02) Yaa Na Ntzanu- Song honors older generations. Perhaps the different instruments represent the clashing of generational cultural values and the transmission of cultures?
16.(1:23) Yaa Yucu Cuita- Short track, slow discordant at first but speeds up. Traditions, rituals.
17.**(2:59) Yaa Ncui Tzi Ntivau- "The fox and coyote!” A song about friendship despite differences. Two different tones synchronize throughout song.
18.(2:46) Yaa Canta Naq- Dance music, violins and guitars. Simple melodies that repeat.

Track Listing
1. Amigos Intro   10. Ya Litzy Nu Coo
2. Nchi Cu Nchi Ncuu   11. Yaa Litzy Titangu
3. Yaa Snuviko   12. Yaa Atzantee
4. Yaa Co?O   13. Yaa Sii Ii
5. Yaa Sai   14. Yaa Suku Tuyutu-
6. Yaa Sata   15. Yaa Na Ntzanu
7. Aa Nticushi   16. Yaa Yucu Cuita
8. Lipi Sconce   17. Yaa Ncui Tzi Ntivau
9. Ya Si   18. Yaa Canta Naq