Men Of Porn / Experiments In Feedback
Album: Experiments In Feedback   Collection:General
Artist:Men Of Porn   Added:Aug 2016
Label:Small Stone Records  

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One Of These Days

Album Review
Reviewed 2016-08-16
Porn, Experiments In Feedback, Small Stone Records

Half experimental tracks & half metal tracks, all with truly lots of guitar feedback. The metal (2,4,6,7,9) is solid and include nice effected elements; the experimental tracks (1,3,5,8,9,10) are grand minimal instrumental crescendos, almost ambient.

FCC info: the vocals are pretty hard to hear, but nothing stood out. A google of the lyrics were all in japanese...?

* 1) One Of These Days (12:00): deep energy builds up for 3.5 mins, scattered with pulses of distorted guitars and sparse metal drumming, then settles into a warped, jammy, solo-filled groove.
2) Capp Street (4:23): A nondescript metal track with a nice touch of effects. Vocals.
3) Feedback II (2:05): punctuated sheens and waves of sound. Good, but short.
4) Sister (Valium Mix) (5:20): slow delirious amped metal
* 5) Feedback IV (6:29): looped panned piano under vicious feedback, ominous. Like track #1, waits until ~2:45 to bring any drums.
6) Outta Site (2:44): 20 seconds of studio instrument chatter, then mid/high-energy metal
7) Sister (3:31): the 'single' -- metal
* 8) Feedback VII (4:21): strange dissonant noises wail, ebbing in and out
* 9) Sister (Nod Mix) (5:21): a more crunched-up, pedal-happy experimentation on track #7
* 10) Loop (13:56): sparse guitar psychospills. Most unusual on album, long

Track Listing
1. One Of These Days   6. Outta Site
2. Capp Street   7. Sister
3. Feedback Ii   8. Feedback Vii
4. Sister (Valium Mix)   9. Sister (Nod Mix)
5. Feedback Iv   10. Loop