Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald / Recomposed
Album: Recomposed   Collection:General
Artist:Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald   Added:Jul 2016
Label:Deutsche Grammophon  

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Movement 4, Movement 3
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Movement 4
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Movement 4

Album Review
Reviewed 2016-07-04
Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald, ReComposed, Deutsche Grammophon

Techno + ambient. This album is a entrancing, symphonic journey: each song transitions smoothly into the next. It calms you down, eventually raises your pulse and puts you in a trance, then embraces your captured state and puts you in a calm. Begins with stage-setting tranquil sounds and moves slowly and tastefully into a dancey groove in a crescendo that grows through Movement 4, then goes dark then plain weird. BPM 128 once the beat awakens.

1) Intro, 6:23. Atmospheric, peaceful, sustained. Very pleasant.
2) Movement 1, 2:26. Continues the smoothness, and begins a serene march with flutes and a drummer's snare.
3) Movement 2, 7:30. Adds the first signs of discomfort and atonality with horns, overlaid on the peace. Electronic dance drums are added gradually, as the tranquility fades;
* 4) Movement 3, 8:34. Becomes electronic; bass becomes present. Your head starts to bob, it ebbs, it becomes trance/techno while keeping its tadpole-flower-unfolding-documentary wonder.
* 5) Movement 4, 8:06. Switches its focus more into electricity-burnt, bubbling techno. Adds trance groove at 1:30. Begin dancing. Sounds most Craig on album. Releases without dropping.
6) Interlude, 4:09. Brings the mood down back to pulses to glimmers.
7) Movement 5, 12:56. "Doom" describes the new mood, rich with organs and and low tones. Minimal ndustrial dance, maybe. Uncomfortable.
* 8) Movement 6, 14:12. A psychedelic mishmosh of previous elements. Bongos drums, violins, electronics. Ambience. Juxtaposition of unusual sounds, and ends without much notice.

Track Listing
1. Intro   5. Movement 4
2. Movement 1   6. Interlude
3. Movement 2   7. Movement 5
4. Movement 3   8. Movement 6