Braz, Renato / Saudade
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Artist:Braz, Renato   Added:Jul 2016
Label:Earth Music  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2016-07-04
Portuguese lyrics. No FCCs.
**Favorite tracks: LOVED all of them! So soothing, but try 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 11, 14

Debut US album with influences from three of Brazil's cultures: Gujarati Indian, African, and European. Filled with "saudade", a product of unexplained nostalgia, and memories that haunts Brazilians with a bittersweet longing for moments they had never lived.

**1. (4:54) Anabela: Guitar arpeggios with a mix of flutes throughout the song. Mystical, calming. Mid-tempo, dreamy nostalgic feeling. Nice flute solos throughout the song. Soft male vocals fit right in with the mood of the music.
**2. (5:20) O Cantador: Background piano chords with soft percussion beats. The song talks about his journey and frustrations as a singer, filled with both love and pain. **The word cantador means singer in Portuguese, but the song is based on a pun, in that canto a dor means: I sing the pain”.
3. (4:56) Eu não existo sem você: “I don’t exist with you” Slow, sad nostalgic guitars. Beautiful deep vocals. Cello and other string accompaniments with guitar. Some sax.
**4. (4:48) Feitiço da Vila: Interpretation of an old Brazillian Samba song. Percussion intro. Nostalgic memories of the enchanted memories of the neighborhood of Vila, a neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. A song about passion, pride, longing, and identity. Great saxophones from 3:19 towards end of song .
**5. Acqua Marcia: (3:59) Synthesizer, mystical feeling at start! Nice touch of cello. Soft 1/2 beat percussions throughout the song. Interpretation of a poem by Affonso Romano de Sant’Ann, again about identity, homeland, and nostalgia. “In everywhere I am a stranger lady, save in my home”.
6. (4:44) Beatriz: The song is an interpretation of a masterpiece of Brazilian music. Beautiful accordion intro. Beatriz represents all the feelings associated with unacquainted love, all the fantasies, imaginations, possibilities. Ay. He pours his heart out with all the metaphors he could find about describing the perfect girls and gets lost in his dreams of hope and imaginations.
7. (4:03) Na ilha de Lia, No Barco de Rosa: Flute mixed with traditional percussion instruments. Evokes mixed feelings.
**8. (5:17) Chora brasileira: Intro w/ bass and cello, transition into piano/guitar with vocals. Frustrations of Brazilian indigenous community.
9. (4:38) Disparada: Intro guitar. Tells a life story of hope, frustration, struggles, and things coming together. Strength, independence, being human.
10. (4:33) Onde esta voce?: Soft, calming, piano intro. Heavenly/mystical intro vocals. Reflective. Again, a song of nostalgia and attempt to reacquaint oneself with old memories that has been engraved into one’s heart.
**11. (4:38) Sodade, meu bem sodade: Slow acoustic guitars + voice. A lament of lost love.
12. (4:24) Bambayuque: Beautiful cello intro, with sparkling percussion! 3 beat tempo. Ambiguously describes a couple’s unique relationship and contrasts.
13. (4:23) The Last Train: no words in vocal. High pitched oboe. Reminds us of departure, exile, the journey of no return. Of goodbyes, of uncertainty, of a new beginning.
**14: (7:18) Desenredo: Opens up with birds chirping with percussion, simulated water flowing. Nice sax in the beginning. The song reproduces the bells of the churches of Minas Gerais.
15. (5:14) Angola: A transition to Angola. Traditional African drums in the beginning. 8 beats. A wide collection of instruments. Fast paced.

Track Listing
1. Anabela:   8. Chora Brasileira
2. O Cantador   9. Disparada
3. Eu Não Existo Sem Você   10. Onde Esta Voce?
4. Feitiço Da Vila   11. Sodade, Meu Bem Sodade
5. Acqua Marcia   12. Bambayuque
6. Beatriz   13. The Last Train
7. Na Ilha De Lia, No Barco De Rosa   14. Desenredo
  15. Angola