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1. Aug 25, 2016: a strange pursuit
You Will Rise
3. Jul 18, 2016: Viewer Discretion Advised
Degenerate Era, Conscious Fusion Is Evolution
2. Aug 04, 2016: a strange pursuit
Conscious Fusion Is Evolution

Album Review
Reviewed 2016-06-29
– General Description:
This is the debut album of singer-songwriter-guitarist Antonio Palazzo who plays under the name Avo. The sound is Eurythmics-style music with the 80’s calling in every track. Good music to move by for the most part. Heavy on the reverb and heavy on the repetition both vocal and instrumental. The layering of the instrumental ideas is more captivating. The vocals have a limited tonal range and no distinctive qualities especially when distorted and given occasional choral accompaniment. Nonetheless, some engaging tonal ideas emerge in the panning and overall dynamics. It will be interesting to hear more from this musician. I would be very pleased to hear an album of purely instrumental pieces as this is where his strength lies thus far. (I have no opinion on lyrics in reviews as I rarely focus on them unless they are historical in nature, e.g. folk songs.)
– FCC Compliant: YES
– Recommended Tracks: 3, 5, 11
– Track Reviews:
1. (04:37) You Will Rise - upbeat and heavy on the reverb, interesting background percussion, lyrics are indistinguishable from other synth sounds most times
2. (04:18) I Came To Have Mercy - funky arrangement steps on lyrics; dramatic stops and starts
3. ***(03:51) Conscious Fusion Is Evolution - moderate moving to animated with stamp of Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams Are Made of These” dominating
4. (04:32) Degenerate Era - repetitive intro, distant vocals, flexing dynamics
5. **(03:38) We're Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance - accelerating layered intro, energy that seems flat somehow
6. (04:03) Even Shoes Have Souls - intro fades in, the background is varied, the vocals remain limited
7. (04:01) Not Alone - more relaxed and a bit brighter in feel with quacking; panning choices are very apparent
8. (04:33) With Space And Space And Space - medium pace, listening to all tracks in a row, this offers nothing new
9. (04:16) Shiver - acoustic-sounding intro, whisper vocals, relaxed droning background
10. (05:02) The Nagual - lively, crowded and varied electronic voices ramp up and then lyrics begin
11. ***(05:11) Fallen From The High - very nice intro, talk and song, lyrics indecipherable for the most part, heartbeat ending of guitar and synth; gets very quiet starting at 4:20

Track Listing
1. You Will Rise   6. Even Shoes Have Souls
2. I Came To Have Mercy   7. Not Alone
3. Conscious Fusion Is Evolution   8. With Space And Space And Space
4. Degenerate Era   9. Shiver
5. We're Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance   10. The Nagual
  11. Fallen From The High