Blake, James / Colour In Anything, The
Album: Colour In Anything, The   Collection:General
Artist:Blake, James   Added:Jun 2016
Label:Polydor Ltd.  

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Album Review
DJ Teddy Tesla
Reviewed 2016-06-30
James Blake is an electronic music producer from London. The Colour In Anything is his third full-length album, and dropped out of nowhere. To me, it feels like an eclectic sketchbook, with no real cohesion, just strong individual songs, even though some are really just short ideas. It’s super long, so there’s a lot to choose from, and probably a song in here for everyone. It’s mainly electro-pop, but some songs are more experimental feeling and there are some piano ballads snuck in there.
RIYL: Sampha, Perfume Genius, British Toro y Moi, Male Adele, Frank Ocean over synths, Music tbh
Favs: 1, 3, 9-12, 15
FCCs: None

1. Radio Silence (4:00) - Starts out with soft piano and gorgeous vocals, eventually some ambient synths come in for the chorus, but still very mellow and beautiful. Great way to start the album, one of my favorites.
2. Points (3:31) - Starts off with just james and some distorted synths, then breaks into a jam with a repeated vocal line with other elements coming and going to change the sonic landscape around it. Breaks for james to show off his vocal chops a bit, builds into a swell, and then fades out. .
3. Love Me In Whatever Way (5:03) - Starts off with some soulful humming backed by a simple key melody. James is definitely tapping into a more soulful vibe on the verses, getting more electronic and experimental on the chorus, with a distorted backing vocal supporting his normal falsetto.
4. Timeless (4:22) - After some sparse vocals, this track comes into its own and shines as a mostly instrumental track, with new elements added in every couple of measures. Intricate synth melodies mix with high pitched siren-sounds and it makes a lovely collage at the end.
5. F.O.R.E.V.E.R. (2:40) - A short, soulful piano ballad. Not much to really talk about here, but some nice lyrics, beautiful piano, and of course jame’s lovely voice. Good for what it is.
6. Put That Away And Talk To Me Right Now (3:57) - A lot of emotional, auto tuned vocals over some bright synths. A chill, mellow track.
7. I Hope My Life (5:40) - Late night club rave jam. Doesn’t mean james is any less soulful though.
8. Waves Know Shores (2:55) - Mainly some really nice vocals backed by an almost orchestral score in the background. Very minimal, both in terms of instrumental and length.
9. My Willing Heart (4:02) - Starts off with a high-auto tuned distorted verse, then breaks into an soulful electro power ballad. Minimal instrumental here to really let James shine, although it does have drums, which a lot of these tracks don’t have. Easily one of my favs.
10. Choose Me (5:38) - Constant background ahs provide the backbone for this track. James gives one of his most energetic vocal performances, and the instrumental wanes and waxes at different points, creating dramatic and emotional tension. A rollercoaster of a song, another fav.
11. I Need A Forest Fire (4:17) - A nice entry track to play from the album. Standard format, and you can see the positive influence Bon Iver had on it. Really solid, with vocals in a foreign language backing the track throughout. Kinda cheery.
12. Noise Above Our Heads (5:03) - Pretty mellow instrumental, but the vocals get a bit more emotionally stronger in the chorus. Nice chill groove.
13. The Colour In Anything (3:33) - Another piano ballad, but this one has vocal harmonies in the chorus!
14. Two Men Down (6:02) - Starts off with some interesting synths with a massive electro vibe. But then the song changes into a repetitive, but nice, synth disco-esque almost groove. Probably my least favorite track on the album.
15. Modern Soul (5:32) - Another good track to start with. A nice piano driven song, but not quite a piano ballad. James sounds great, of course. And he brings in some drums and does some effects and its great.
16. Always (5:50) - Another primarily piano piece. Suuuuper chill and laid back with a nice clap beat that you can kinda close your eyes and nod too. When james does finally grace the song with his actual voice, it becomes a truly great track.
17. Meet You In The Maze (4:55) - A capella, harmonizing, autotuned, distorted voices. Experimental and interesting.

Track Listing
1. Radio Silence   9. My Willing Heart
2. Points   10. Choose Me
3. Love Me In Whatever Way   11. I Need A Forest Fire
4. Timeless   12. Noise Above Our Heads
5. F.O.R.E.V.E.R.   13. The Colour In Anything
6. Put That Away And Talk To Me Right Now   14. Two Men Down
7. I Hope My Life   15. Modern Soul
8. Waves Know Shores   16. Always
  17. Meet You In The Maze